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Stephen Charles

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Price of Business Digital Network
created on: 1/28/2019
The Price of Business, which started in 2001, is one of the longest running business shows of its kind in the country. It is nationally distributed by USA Business Radio and is on stations coast to coast. It is also the principal site of the Price of Business Digital Network, which includes,,,,,, and The partner sites cover a plethora of categories. For more information on our content contact

Latest Briefings:
US Daily Review is a Leader in Travel Stories, It Recommends Three Excellent US Road Trips 87 views
4/22/2019, Summer is almost here and now is the time to think about great vacations, and some of the finest destinations are done by car in a classic American road trip. US Daily Review, which has an excellent travel section, offer 3 great trips for 2019. read more
Established Media News Sites are in Trouble 55 views
4/19/2019, Are the major news web platforms in trouble? A new article at says they are and gives many examples of why in decline. In addition, it explains why independent sites continue to grow and thrive. This is must SEO reading. read more
The Attorney General Releases Redacted Mueller Report -- His Thoughts in His Own Words 96 views
4/18/2019, It is finally out! No,not a new TV series or blockbuster movie, but the long awaited report by Robert Mueller on the invistigation on Russia activity in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Here's the Attorney General in his own words on the subject. read more
Plenty of Organizations Rescue People During Natural Disasters, but What About Their Pets? 90 views
4/17/2019, Brilliant Energy, with the Price of Business, bring into focus an organization that helps our four legged friends during a natural disaster. Kevin Price, Richard Wakim, and David Scherff on "Frank's Way." A leader in rescuing the defenseless. read more
US Daily Review's Three Part Series Looks at Major Global Events, Part One Focusing On North America 119 views
4/16/2019, Dave Smith, a Senior Contributor at US Daily Review, has recently added an article as part of a series on the US and its role in global affairs. US Daily Review is part of the Price of Business Digital Network. read more
New at PoB Digital Network: Avoiding Stupid at Work, the Best Places to Retire in New Hampshire, etc 92 views
4/15/2019, PoB Digital Network provides great insights on how to hire, the best places to retire in New Hampshire, how to avoid stupid at work, and much more. read more
The Ten Cities That Suffer the Most from These Dangerous Insects 85 views
4/12/2019, Mosquitoes and ticks are more than an irritant, but are a source of serious diseases and in some cases, even death. It is not the season for these bugs and here are the ten citie where they are most likely to show up. By USA Business Radio. read more
Ironically, the Top Cities for NOT Being Disaster Prone are Also Among Most Affordable 91 views
4/11/2019, The Daily Blaze, which is a member of the Price of Business Digital Network, has released a fascinating look at the top 50 cities that are both the most affordable AND least likely to have a natural disaster.You'llt be surprised who made the list. read more
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Significant Number of Americans Believe the US is on the Brink of Civil War 99 views
4/10/2019, Is the US on the brink of civil war? The answer is "yes" if you take seriously the numerous news stories that describe our country as being in a persistant and exhuasting civil war. Kevin Price interviewed a mental health exper on the alarm.t read more
EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones and Followers Accused of Tormenting and Stalking the Victims of Sandy Hook 81 views
4/09/2019, Elizabeth Williamson of the New York Times was recently on the nationally syndicated Price of Business show to discuss her new article that accuses Alex Jones and his followers of tormenting and stalking the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. read more

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