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Stephen Charles

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Price of Business Digital Network
created on: 1/28/2019
The Price of Business, which started in 2001, is one of the longest running business shows of its kind in the country. It is nationally distributed by USA Business Radio and is on stations coast to coast. It is also the principal site of the Price of Business Digital Network, which includes,,,,,, and The partner sites cover a plethora of categories. For more information on our content contact

Latest Briefings:
Journalist Accuse Capitol Police of "Manhandling" Report from The Daily Blaze 66 views
2/18/2019, A new article from the Daily Blaze is reporting on a troubling story of the Capitol Police "manhandling" journalists. The threat of journalists being in danger has now reached the United States read more
The Secret to Successful Guest Posting in 2019 69 views
2/15/2019, Now may be the best time for guest posting on independent blogs in the history of the practice. That is because the appetite for interesting content is insatiable... READ MORE BELOW read more
The Good News is that Toys"R"Us is Back, But... 99 views
2/12/2019, Toys “R” Us has officially emerged as a new company, with new leadership and a new vision to deliver the magic of its iconic brands around the world. The announcement from parent company... READ MORE BELOW... read more
New Feature Debates Whether Some Albums Were NATURAL "Greatest Hits" 77 views
2/11/2019, USA Daily Times has started a new series, we will be looking at albums that were not “Greatest Hits” albums by design, but quickly got recognized as such over time. CONTINUE READING BELOW read more
The Late Frank Robinson was Celebrated by all the Teams He was on, We Covered Them 88 views
2/08/2019, Frank Robinson was not only one of the greatest players in the history of Major League Baseball, but a civil rights pioneer, becoming the first black manager in the league. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame READ MORE BELOW read more
The Concern about Electric Cars and the Weather Proves True 82 views
2/07/2019, In spite continued growth in market share for electric cars, there is reason to be concerned if you are an owner of such a vehicle. As freezing temperatures plague much of the country, electric vehicle... READ MORE BELOW read more
Anti-Deperessants Linked to Serious Stomach Issues, Suicide, and More 80 views
2/06/2019, The Times USA is taking closer look at the negative side effects of anti-depressant medicines. According to the article: "Patients taking anti-depressant medications classified as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are (READ MORE...) read more
Will 2019 be the Year of the Side Gig? 93 views
2/05/2019, From holiday spending hangovers to the government shutdown to simply filling free time, there’s been no shortage of factors motivating Americans nationwide to get their side hustle on early in 2019. READ MORE BELOW... read more
Think "Patience" is the Word for the Federal Reserve and Interest Rates? Think Again 84 views
2/04/2019, The Fed says "Patience" is the word when it comes to interest rates. Robust employment numbers have the potential of leading to another U-Turn in Fed Policy Quickly read more
Five Reasons One Should Consider Building Their Own Home 99 views
2/01/2019, There’s nothing like living in a home that you can call your own. Many people opt to buy a home that has already been built and just ready for you to move into. However there is something to be said for actually building... (read more below) read more

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