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S.H. Industrial Needs
S.H. Industrial Needs Office: No. 24, Perianna Maistry Street
Broadway, Chennai - 600001.

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S.H. Industrial Needs
created on: 10/07/2019
S.H. Industrial Needs is one of the world’s leading MRO solutions providers operating out of Chennai, India, since the year 1987. The solutions provider offers an extensive selection of maintenance, repair and overhaul products and management solutions in India and the Middle East, Sri Lanka and Africa. Lately, S.H. Industrial Needs is attracting buyers looking for superior and affordable industrial work wear in India.

Latest Briefings:
S.H Industrial Needs Has Been Providing Industries in India with Access to High-Quality Maintenance, 60 views
4/01/2020, S.H. Industrial Needs has reigned supreme in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) solutions niche segment, thanks to an overwhelming inventory, requisite skills and quality backed focus. read more
S.H. Industrial Needs is Offering Backed Arch Flash Protection Products 81 views
1/31/2020, S.H. Industrial Needs is a reputable distributor and supplier of quality backed and affordable MRO and insulated tools. read more
S.H. Industrial Needs Offering High-Performance Digital Torque Wrench 89 views
1/16/2020, Chennai, India based, S.H. Industrial Needs has been the frontrunner in MRO solutions industry since the year 1987. read more
S.H Industrial Needs Is Offering High-Quality Metal Repair Products in India 170 views
1/13/2020, Backed by rich experience spanning more than two and a half-decade, the company is successfully matching up with the specific tooling requirements of the customers. read more
S.H Industrial Needs is Offering Spill Control Solutions and Zinc Galvanizing Spray 112 views
12/04/2019, S.H Industrial Needs is home to a wide range of industrial consumables that have been professionally sourced by seasoned specialists and availed under a single roof for the local market in India. read more
S.H. Industrial Needs is a One-Stop-Shop for Non-Sparking Tools in India 191 views
11/06/2019, S.H. Industrial Needs has a reputation for satisfying diverse non-sparking tool requirements of its customers. read more
S.H. Industrial Needs Offering Highly Specialized Range of Spill Control Products 213 views
10/07/2019, S.H. Industrial Needs is a leading supplier of exceptional maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) products, such as spill control products. read more

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