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Ilija Vodasov

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Sofema Aviation Services
created on: 6/27/2012
Based in Sofia Bulgaria, Sofema Aviation Services is a professional, airline, MRO and ground operations, support, consulting and training company. Benefiting from a broad industry experience, our primary focus is on Quality.

The team at Sofema Aviation Services works closely with our clients to deliver highly effective training and to assist in producing high-level EASA regulatory compliant policies and to support the development of effective organisational process and procedures.

Behind Sofema Aviation Services We have over 40 years industry experience to call on, we are able to help you develop the most appropriate outcomes for your organisation, giving you the best return on investment. We are a service orientated company dedicated to all our customers and strive to continuously deliver to the highest standards of professionalism. It is our focus and pleasure to share our expertise with our satisfied customers.

Sofema Aviation Services promotes international best practice. We are committed to our valued clients to help them to produce, innovative tailored solutions, regardless of the size or complexity of their organisation.

We continue to develop new services and products so please take the opportunity to contact us for assistance and support, we will be pleased to provide a competitive quotation. Email .

Latest Briefings:

Why Now is the best time for You to be Sofema’s Preferred Training Partner 67 views
12/12/2019, Sofema Aviation Services’ Preferred Training Partner Program has continued to grow and attract additional members throughout 2019 read more
How Important is Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Training to My Organisation? 107 views
12/02/2019, Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance “Train the Trainer” – 4 Days – Bangkok, Thailand read more
Caveat Emptor – Lease Holder Beware – Aircraft leases can seriously damage your wealth! 107 views
11/28/2019, Are you aware of the “organisational exposure” concerning aircraft operating leases? read more
Air Legislation and Human Factor Training for EASA Foreign Part 145 Organisations 93 views
11/19/2019, Now Available: A dedicated online training program for EASA Third Country Part 145 Component Maintenance Organisation read more
EASA Part 147 Approval for Boeing 737 MAX & Embraer E170 / E190 has now been awarded to AETS-Sofema 51 views
11/18/2019, AETS-Sofema, an EASA Part 147 organisation BG.147.0005, has been awarded fixed-wing approval by the Bulgarian CAA read more
Taking EASA Compliant Online Training to a Higher Level One Course at a Time! 94 views
11/12/2019, SofemaOnline enables competence development for both individuals and organizations providing a valuable regulatory and vocational learning opportunity. read more
SofemaOnline delivered a presentation at the MRO Europe 2019 event at London 121 views
11/06/2019, SofemaOnline team together with AETS-Sofema attended Europe’s leading MRO 2019 conference and exhibition read more
Most Operators Receive Penalties During a Lease Return and for some it is “Major League” 98 views
10/23/2019, The majority of issues encountered during the redelivery process can be traced to poor planning on behalf of the lessee – the costs can be dire. read more
The Impact of Lack of Planning in Aircraft Lease Returns 99 views
10/09/2019, Does this issue concern you as an operator? Most receive penalties during a Lease Return and for some, it is “Major League” read more
Managing Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves Training 92 views
9/26/2019, Managing Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves – 3 Days – Bangkok, Thailand November 25th to November 27th 2019 Discussion Document Steve Bentley CEO Sofema Aviation Services read more

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