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Ronnie Hastings
41 Madison Avenue, 25th Floor
New York, NY 10010

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Sunknowledge Services Inc.
created on: 5/09/2017
Welcome to Sun Knowledge for cost-effective solutions in healthcare outsourcing, including medical coding & billing, revenue cycle management, account receivables management and more.

Latest Briefings:
Sunknowledge Services: an Efficient Laboratory Billing Services Solution 89 views
8/23/2019, For more information about our benefit and how our expert can help you with streamline operation and financial upliftment, please visit our website or call Sunknowledge experts over a no commitment call read more
Sunknowledge Caters Powerful Medical Billing for Laboratory Services 76 views
8/21/2019, Over the last decade, Sunknowledge Services Inc has emerged as a next gen medical billing & collections company. They are unique with their presence as they work with healthcare payers and providers and have excellent references across the industry. read more
Sunknowledge Services Inc Caters Superior HME Billing Assistance 92 views
8/13/2019, Over the last decade, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been a competitive medical billing and services company. The best part is their versatility and ability to offer both front end/ back end RCM services at the best price in the market place. read more
Streamline HME Billing for an Improved Cash Flow 104 views
8/06/2019, Over the last decade, Sunknowledge Services Inc has set the benchmark in HME billing with an extensive understanding of the best practices of the industry. read more
Sunknowledge Way Out: A Better Substitute to Brightree Billing Services 95 views
7/23/2019, Sunknowledge Services Inc with years of working with both payers and providers has not only earned excellent industries reference but also, has earned more than 100 clients list through its effective billing solution. read more
Sunknowledge Delivers a Promising Alternative Than Brightree Billing Services 108 views
7/22/2019, Over the last decade, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been setting the trend in DME billing services. The best part of Sunknowledge Services Inc will always be the pre as well as post billing services at the best price in the marketplace. read more
The Ultimate DME Pre Billing Services Solution with Sunknowledge 125 views
7/12/2019, Sunknowledge Service excels in performing DME pre billing service as more than 50% of Sunknowledge works involves in DME domain. read more
Sunknowledge Delivers Complete front End Support Unlike Brightree Billing Services 113 views
7/10/2019, Sunknowledge Services Inc extends unparalleled operational support when it comes to offering both front ends as well as back end revenue cycle management support. They are currently serving with over 100 clients in the DME space. read more
Sunknowledge Offers a Purposeful Hospital Accounts Receivable Plan 101 views
7/08/2019, Sunknowledge Services Inc, over the last decade has made its presence felt in the competitive landscape. For the last 15 years, the company has earned a unique presence by working for both payers and providers with great distinction. read more
Effective DME Insurance Verification Support Only at $7 /hr 104 views
7/01/2019, As 50% of Sunknowledge's work includes in DME domain, Sunknowledge's sources provide effective revenue generation for all sorts of pre-billing and post billing activities. read more

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