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1st Floor, 13th Floor, No. 186, Section 2, Taiwan Avenue, West District,

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Taiwan professional dental equipment manufacturer -
created on: 12/06/2018
We are the most professional dental equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, focusing on importing dental equipment, instruments, medicines, materials and oral health care equipment, and complying with the PIC/S GDP Western Medicines Good Manufacturing Practices and actively introducing the excellent circulation specifications for GDP medical equipment. With the persistence of "permanent quality", we strive to find the most advanced dental products in the world, obtain legal licenses from the legal compliance department, and continue to serve dentists throughout the country. In the past 40 years, the company has adhered to the principle of “existing quality and hoping for your resonance”; and adheres to the three principles of operation: quality first, reasonable price, first service. Currently, it is well-known for importing German, French, Italian, Swiss, American, Korean and Brazilian countries. Brand products, marketing all Taiwan, Taiwan's dental industry, standing without shaking. More products please visit

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