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Adams Serra

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West Coast Pavers
created on: 1/25/2017
West Coast Pavers, Inc. is a family owned and operated company. The company was founded June 1999. In addition, the owners have been in the paver installation field for the past 20 years. West Coast Pavers Inc. provides professional quality work for both residential and commercial projects.

Latest Briefings:
Can Your Brick Paver Driveways and Patios be Power Washed Safely? 144 views
3/14/2022, Tips by West Coast Pavers of SW Florida read more
Which is Better... Brick Pavers or Concrete Driveways or Patios? 168 views
6/21/2021, Visit West Coast Pavers online for more brick paver tips and answers to homeowners questions. read more
Is Travertine patios cooler than concrete? 194 views
5/19/2020, West Coast Pavers of SW Florida answers these questions for homeowners thinking of upgrading their patios. read more
Brick Pavers vs Travertine Pavers for you Patio... 182 views
5/19/2020, West Coast Pavers of SW Florida has over 20 years in designing and installing brick and travertine pavers for patios and driveways. read more
How To Stop Shifting Brick Pavers on your Patio or Driveway 198 views
2/13/2020, Such a problem often arises because of the lack of edge restraint. read more
Is Brick Paver Edging Necessary? 238 views
2/08/2020, Brick Paver Tips To Keep Your Patio & Driveway Looking Great read more
What Is An Interlocking Brick Paver? 290 views
12/04/2019, Here is everything you need to know about interlocking brick pavers. Learn why they are so popular and widely used. read more
Brick Paver Driveway, Yes or No? 218 views
7/22/2019, You have a lot of great options available, with brick pavers being a very popular choice read more
The Battle of Roots vs Brick Pavers 254 views
6/13/2019, How to win the battle of roots taking over your brick pavers read more
How To Make Your Neighbors Jealous 249 views
5/20/2019, A New Brick Paver Driveway or Patio read more

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