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The Sunglass Fix

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2013 Marks Another Amazing Line Up for the Glastonbury Festival
Once more Somerset, England hosts the historic Glastonbury Festival this year. The event will feature top names in music industry., 6/29/2013 - June 23, 2013 Australia-The top names in music will be on hand for the Glastonbury Festival taking place from June 26-30th in Somerset, England. This popular event highlights the importance of proper eye protection via sunglasses.

The Glastonbury Festival is one of the world’s most amazing and star packed music events. This year's list of performers is truly a who’s who of the music industry with diverse acts ranging from The Rolling Stones to Portishead, Mumford & Sons to Monsters and Men and Public Enemy.

Getting the most out of this event means selecting the right sunglasses. The Glastonbury Festival is largely outdoors, and this means a good deal of sun exposure. It is vital that participants opt for sunglass lenses that offer UV protection. Cheap sunglasses don’t offer the proper level of UV protection and should simply be avoided. One great option for outdoor events, such as the Glastonbury Festival, is to select polarized lenses.

Polarized sunglasses from manufacturers such as Arnette, Prada, Oakley, Ray-Ban and others is another smart choice. What are polarized sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses feature sunglass lenses that successfully filter out harsh light and glare and this means greater clarity and vision.

Festival participants looking to see all that the festival has to offer will truly be excited by how polarized sunglass lenses can enhance their vision. The Glastonbury Festival saw attendance climb to an impressive 135,000 in 2011. By selecting designer sunglasses, it is possible for participants to enjoy this historic festival in a whole new way.

Sunglasses are an investment in proper vision and eye health, and this is why it is important to select the high quality sunglasses. Even with the best of care, sunglass lenses can become damaged. When this happens, it is possible for eyeglass wearers to opt for The Sunglass Fix. The Sunglass Fix can send replacement sunglass lenses anywhere in the world, and this can save festival goers considerable time and money.

About The Sunglass Fix

The Sunglass Fix manufactures and sources some of the best replacement lenses for sunglasses on the market. They leverage precision technology to shape them to customers' existing frames. With over 20,000 lenses to choose from, it’s the biggest selection on the planet that can be shipped anywhere FREE! Additionally, their lenses can be custom cut and installed in just about any pair of sunglasses with two lenses. This is an industry changing solution for sunglass users. Would you rather toss your sunglasses to landfill or give them a new life?

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