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5 Ways to Better Communicate with your Pre School Child
Find Out How To Better Communicate With Your Pre School Child, 1/27/2023 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Swansea, UK - 5 Ways to Better Communicate with your Child

Talking to children is an important skill in everyday life. But unlike adults, communicating with children takes extra effort and awareness; you need to be in tune with what your child is saying and really listen to what they are saying to understand them and help them in their development and confidence.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes not the case for some parents when it comes to paying attention and being in the moment. Many parents don’t take the time to show they are listening by maintaining eye contact or even considering body language to understand what their children are saying and how they are feeling. The result is often a breakdown of communication that may leave your child feeling misunderstood and frustrated which can hurt the bond the parent and child have, as well as cause unwanted behaviour issues.


What Does Good Communication Involve?

Generally, communication takes two forms; nonverbal and verbal.

Non Verbal Communication

Under nonverbal communication, several things are involved, including facial expression, body language, hand gestures, eye contact, personal space and physical touch, etc.

Verbal Communication

On the other hand, verbal communication involves what we hear when someone speaks and includes diction (choice of words), pitch or tone of voice, dialect, etc.

Read our full article here to find out the best ways to improve communication with your preschooler.

About The Flowers Day Nursery in Swansea

The Flowers Day Nursery promote positive non-verbal and verbal communication in everything the team and the children do when in the setting as we understand the importance it has in a child's development.

We offer flexible childcare Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm throughout the year for 6-month-olds through to preschool age. We offer payment through most childcare vouchers and the Welsh government schemes.

If you are looking for a childcare setting in Swansea, contact us today at 01792 46 44 45 to find out about us and arrange a time when you can come in and meet our team and learn about what we do.

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