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A Private Tour Of Morocco – 8 Convincing Reasons
Discovering Morocco on a private 4x4 tour has become very popular in the last few years. When one thinks of Morocco, endless saffron dunes, hard- bargain colorful souks or Casablanca (the city and the movie) come to mind., 10/28/2014 - Discovering Morocco on a private 4x4 tour has becomevery popular in the last few years. When one thinks of Morocco, endless saffron dunes, hard- bargain colorful souks or Casablanca(the city andthe movie) come to mind. Ultimately, everyone is aware they will go through a culture shock. Above all, it is overwhelming – in ways both uplifting and unsettling. And although the last decade has seen the opening of Starbucks, Zara or Pizza Hut, this remains a much more difficultculture to understand that the one on the other side of the Mediterranean.Naturally, you don’t have to book a private tour – you can simply join a group tour or rent a car –it is, after all, a less costly option. Is it worth the extra cost to get a knowledgeable driver and a spotless modern air conditioned 4x4 that can take on steep gorges and towering desert dunes ?And someone to introduce or rather initiate you in the ways of an exotic and impenetrable culture? We think it is. But we are biased - we’ve been organizing private tours of Morocco for quite a while now. So, we’ve decided to ask other people about it. Travel agents, travel bloggers, full time travelers and hotel managers have agreed to offer their view on the topic. These are 8 good reasons why we ( and them) think you need to explore Morocco with a private tour:

1. Off- the- beaten track experience

Lonely Planetor Trip Advisor may be good starting points when it comes to selecting the sites and activities while on a Morocco trip. After all, the dunes close to Zagora can be reached by bus or rent a car and there is where many a travel agency camp their guests. While the majestic dunes of Erg Chigaga, where the Sahara really starts, lie a two hour off- track drive away.But,before you get to the dunes, what about leaving the tarmac and fall under the palm trees in the nearby palm grove, this immense green serpent undulating between the beige barren ridges? Learn how the locals deviate water through century- old irrigation systems and khetaras?Whereon Friday afternoon, when the prayer is over, the caid spreads a carpet on the grass and the villagers present their queries ?In a country where tarmac covers more and more routes, the true immersion often commences where tarmac ends. How would you feel returning home having missed on all this ?As Patricia Homison, a veteran traveler and ‘Me and He Travel ‘ blogger puts it: ‘A private tour gives you the advantage of an insider's perspective of the real Morocco and a exposure to people and places that would be difficult, if not impossible to find on your own. Our private tour totally accommodated our tastes, preferences and values and it was such a fabulous experience, we went back six months later to do even more.’

2. Tailor- made itinerary all the way

Your Morocco journey will be private and customized based on your schedule, budget, and interests.After due exchange of emails, a day- to- day itinerary is provided with daily sites and activities included.

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