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Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC
Brenda Brown

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Activate your souls ancient memories at our Bimini Retreat
Join us for a 5-day mystical, heart opening retreat to the ancient land of Atlantis., 5/06/2022 - For retreat details: Click Here

When and where: Bimini Bahamas June 26 - July 1, 2022 

What: Join us for a 5-day mystical, heart opening retreat to the ancient land of Atlantis. 

Combining sacred music, channelled guidance, Aquacranial therapy Click Here, and sonic healing with the wild dolphins of Bimini.


Relax and rejuvenate through the loving guidance of Aquacranial founder Rebecca Goff, Carolyn Baron, the healing music of Ari Urban, and the wild dolphins of Bimini.

Channelled Activations 

Live healing music 

Wild Dolphin Swims

For more information, Click Here

Contact for inquiries: mailto:

For nearly three decades, Rebecca Goff, author of “Kissing Whales Healing Dolphins” and the soon to be released “Bimini Dolphins and Atlantis” has been Opening Hearts with Bimini Wild Dolphins, Crystal Tuning Fork treatments, pure essential oils, and Aquacranial. Spotted and Bottlenose dolphins called Rebecca to Bimini and continue to assist those who travel with her to the island, in opening hearts and healing lives. Easily and gently transition to peace, love and wholeness in the warm turquoise waters held by the healing hands of Rebecca. Her Heart will melt you with it’s Unconditional Love.

A violinist for over 20 years, Ari Urban has performed with top musicians in the classical music world as well as the recording industry, and holds two Grammy certificates from her studio work with the Matt Jones Orchestra. Ari maintains an exciting performing career as she merges her passion for spiritual growth with her own heart-channelled music, creating an avenue for self compassion through her emotionally activating music.

Energy worker and holistic counselor, Carolyn Baron has been guiding people on inner journeys for over three decades. This powerful work has enabled many to connect with a deeper level of mental and physical clarity, and to take leaps in their awareness and personal evolution. Carolyn is also an Award winning lyricist and songwriter, as well as the CEO of Soda Box Music.

“We are here to build a community of souls where self compassion, emotional resilience, and joyful living are cultivated through the powers of conscious awareness, heart-centered music, and imagination-activating guidance. Freeing our hearts one breath at a time; one note at a time.” Ari Urban

“If we only believed we're here to celebrate in life's rare and joyous dance, and that we exist in order to create, we wouldn't waste one precious chance." From the song “Believe” by Carolyn Baron

Music Free My Heart Website Click Here

Ari Urban Music Click Here

Soda Box Music Click Here

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