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Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Advertising
TV advertisements can target large number of local people with local cable network channels and independent stations., 5/03/2011 - These days, TV advertising is the most powerful form of advertising. Basically it is a combination of both video and audio advertising messages with various varieties. Some people believe that TV advertising is more powerful than other advertising means such as magazines, websites, radio stations, and newspaper. According to a research, it has been revealed that most of the people spend at least 4 to 5 hours watching television. In fact, it has become most common leisure activity of people. Because of this, television is considered to be the ‘king’ of advertising media. A TV Advertising Company always seeks to capture the attention of as many people as possible.

Before a product is advertised, a thorough market research is conducted in order to know the reactions of various consumers about the product. There are various advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising. They are:


TV advertising allows the product to reach large number of people, both at regional as well as at national level. In addition, a very short span of time is required to reach the product to the public.

TV helps in conveying the message or advertisements with sound, visuals and actions.

TV advertisements can target large number of local people with local cable network channels and independent stations.

Various segments of people like house wives, young people and children are targeted through different channels like cartoon etc.

They provide complete flexibility and selectivity options to the customers so that they can choose the desired product offered by various companies.

Television advertisements can attract people and convince them to buy the products. This is extremely advantageous for small business.

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Cost is very high.

TV advertisements are short, thus they do not express much about the product

It involves complicated procedure. Producing the TV advertisement involves hiring advertising agency, video editors, actors and scriptwr

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