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Airtek Energy Systems Limited
+86 13182233736
No. 18, Qidong Road, Huadong Town, Huadu District,

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Airtek Gives Access to Technologically Innovative Food Processing Equipment in China
When it comes to preserving food and keeping bacteria from forming, vegetable drying machines are among the most effective alternatives available., 5/17/2022 - Guangzhou City, China- April 9, 2022- Airtek is a firm that manufactures food dehydrator products. For more than eight years, they have been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and applying technologically innovative food processing equipment in the food industry. Since 2013, their team of skilled engineers has been working tirelessly to improve the quality of their machines and the efficiency of their manufacturing processes. They attempt to deliver high-quality food dryers, heat pumps, dehydrators, and dehumidifiers to suit the drying requirements of their customers by utilizing cutting-edge technology. They are also well-known in the field where they give service and supply clients with high-quality dehydrator machines.

Airtek's spokesperson said, "Using an Airtek drier machine is one of the most effective ways to save food while inhibiting bacteria development. Our drying machine is gaining popularity in the industry due to its long history of success on the international stage. It works by preserving food so that it may be kept for a long period without the need for refrigeration. Our dehydrator is a high-efficiency drying device that uses heat pump technology to save electricity. The maximum temperature is 80°C, which assures that the substance's color and flavour are not altered. Natural and healthy sustenance is expected to be well-preserved inside the substance. We offer the greatest dehydrator machine available for you to choose from."

Airtek allows you to buy vegetable dehydrator machines around the United States. Its dehydrator machine price in the United States is fairly reasonable compared to the high level of quality they put into creating their products. Product design and sales teams are based in Hong Kong and Manila, Philippines. An after-sales assembly team based in Congo, specialising in the African market, is also on hand. They are well-known for their constant work since they consistently receive positive feedback from their consumers after producing amazing dehydrators. Additionally, any components that need to be replaced are delivered at no expense.

The spokesperson added, "It is our everlasting goal to promote drying technology to alleviate the issues of environmental pollution and energy consumption that are caused by other heat sources, such as boilers and electric heating machines, among others. Airtek manufactures a comprehensive line of industrial heat pump dryer equipment in China. Two device and sheet metal components plants with a total plant area of 13,000 square meters are located inside the company and are among the finest in all its categories. At the moment, our successful projects include the drying of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, meat, fish, shellfish, nuts, wood, Buddha incense, hemp, and tobacco."

The drying of vegetables takes place on ventilated conveyor belts in this multi-layer conveyor belt vegetable drier, a continuous convection drying processor that uses a continuous convective drying method. Your veggie will be dried continuously until it reaches the proper dryness level for consumption. This is the most effective method for drying vegetables on a wide scale.

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When it comes to preserving food and keeping bacteria from forming, vegetable drying machines are among the most effective alternatives available. Airtek has a large selection of dehydrator equipment available for purchase. Additionally, products with a lengthy

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