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Airtek Energy Systems Limited
+86 13182233736
No. 18, Qidong Road, Huadong Town, Huadu District,

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Airtek Provides High-Quality Small Fish Dry Machine
Airtek is the leading heat pump dryer/food dehydrator supplier in the UK, Asia, and Europe., 4/19/2022 - Guangzhou City, China – April 15, 2022 – Airtek is one of the top food dryer machine manufacturers in mainland China that offers outstanding drying solutions. The company has more than 8 years of experience in the manufacturing domain. This allows them to enhance their machine quality and production capacity. The company is committed to delivering heat pump and dehydrator automation solutions that assist one in solving problems, creating good value for money, and saving time. They have invested in the latest technology. The company serves various countries around the globe, such as Canada, North and South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more.

Speaking about the company's drying technology, the company spokesperson said, "Our lifelong pursuit of promoting and utilizing drying technology is to overcome energy-consuming and environmental pollution caused by other heating materials such as electric heating machines, boilers, and many more. Currently, we have a complete chain of industrial heat pump dryer products in China. Our company devotes all of its resources to making dryers that benefit individuals from all works of life."

Dagaa is one of the most popular types of small fish across numerous countries. They have a nutritional value similar to that of small pelagic fish in the ocean. This is because this type of small fish contains proteins and micronutrients that are vital in the diets of pregnant and lactating women, growing children, malnourished communities, and many more. Those looking for a  small fish drying machine  can consider contacting Airtek. The company offers top-notch food dryers that cater to the drying needs of various clients.

Speaking on how to dry small fish with a dehydrator machine in mass production, the company spokesperson said, "When drying small fish with a dehydrator machine, clients need to begin by cleaning all the fish. This involves preliminary screening of the fishes, removing gills, residues, internal organs, and cleaning. Clients should then steam the cleaned small fish in a steamer. However, in some areas, steaming is not a requirement. Later, individuals need to put the steamed fish in a tray on the cart and put the cart in their drying room."

Wondering where to find a  small fish dryer machine ? Airtek is a company that is widely known for its food dehydrators. They aim to offer high-quality professional food dryers. With the company, one can rest assured of getting highly functioning items that solve all their problems. The company prides itself on having a high value in the worldwide market. They regularly export innovative food drying machines to various clients. The company is committed to consistently delivering products of the highest standards. They help clients resolve issues and avoid errors as they avail of a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

About Airtek

Airtek is the leading heat pump dryer/food dehydrator supplier in the UK, Asia, and Europe. They offer high-quality products at very reasonable rates. The company constantly gets the honor for its consistent work and receives positive feedback from its clients. Thus, one can be sure of only purchasing top-quality items.

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