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Thomas Cutler

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Alfacon Solutions ETO Solution Significantly Reduced Rejects for Electroplating Leader
Alfacon Solutions ETO Solution Significantly Reduced Rejects for Electroplating Leader, 8/07/2017 - Alfacon Solutions worked with Kuntz Electroplating Inc. (KEI) to modernize its chrome plating lines. John Murdoch, CEO of Alfacon Solutions, recently explained they reduced overall touch points by 60 percent in a newly published article in Robotics and Automation News.

KEI operates in a high cosmetic standard industry, the more handling causes more scuffs, scratches, dings, and dents in the parts that are then rejected. The final station before going into the plating line was where parts were being racked; if there was a quality concern with parts or lack of parts or quality concerns with the work bar, the whole line would be down using more plating materials and downtime creating more rejects.

The issue was the number of operator touches per part and the inefficient use of the labor force. Typically, a part was handled, or touched, five times from raw incoming state to completed chromed and outbound. Additionally, the parts were manually walked from station to station during these touches. These operator touches resulted in scratches and damages that required more operators to strip off the plating and send the parts through again for plating.

Robotics and Automation News covers the robotics and automation industries around the world. To read more, go to:

Alfacon Solutions

Founded in 1983, Alfacon Solutions ( is a leading case and pallet conveyor handling systems company operating from an 80,000 square foot facility in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. Based in lean manufacturing principles, including best-practice value stream mapping and continuous improvement, the Alfacon team designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs complete material handling solutions.

Alfacon provides services to its customer base in the courier, retail, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. The company is a proud member of MHI.

The core values of Alfacon Solutions ensure a customer-centric approach to every project and drives the entire team to consistently deliver exceptional results. From experience, passion, and integrity to commitment, innovation, and on-time delivery dependability, Alfacon Solutions anticipates double digit growth year over year for the next decade. Follow on Twitter @AlfaconSolution.

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