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American retailsupply
American Retail Supply 6205 South 231st Street Kent WA, United States

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American Retail Supply Offers Top-quality Pricing Guns and Tagging Guns
American Retail Supply has been serving retailers with a large variety of wholesale products since 1970. In fact, they are one of the companies in the US with the absolute best client service., 5/12/2022 - American Retail Supply is the go-to destination for retailers where they can get everything, they need to run their retail stores. Such things include wholesale store fixtures, retail displays, backroom supplies, point of sale computer systems, wholesale packaging, security products, store signage, gift cards, and more. The company offers all those products at competitive prices and exceptional customer service as every person at the company is empowered to make each client happy. And if at any time a client feels unhappy with the company, each team member at the company is trained to address any concern a client may have to make them happy once again.

Answering an inquery, the company spokesperson said, "A tagging gun can to bolster their security efforts. In fact, having a tag on an item will make it clear how much that item costs and will identify which objects are new. These tags can also speed up the process of making possible returns or exchanges. And if a customer decides to return a product and removed the old tag on it, one can easily put a new tag back on thanks to the tagging gun in their possession."

In need of pricing guns? American Retail Supply is among the best places to go for that. They offer four different brands of price guns to choose from, which are Avery, Garvey, Monarch, and Meto. And whether one needs one line or two line labels, every brand has its own version. However, if two lines are not enough to some, Monarch is the only price gun with a 3 line option. They are built to be durable and long-lasting, and all feature a click-and-stick function, thus, making them easy for anyone to use, especially for extensive labeling. In fact, the brands are some of the most popular in the retail industry to use. So, those wanting to buy a price gun should consider visiting the company's website.

The company spokesperson added, "The tags from tagging guns also help customers quickly notice prices on products without having to look around the aisle or check the price on the actual item itself. This leads to no hassle for customer service and fewer questions for employees to answer. For more insights, clients can contact us."

Furthermore, each pricing gun the company offers accepts different colored labels depending on the brand and line number. In fact, the company itself has blank labels and printed labels that clients can use for price guns and also offer the option for them to customize their labels with their own name or brand. 

In addition, clients can also buy tagging guns from American Retail Supply. Their tagging guns have simple features and are easy to use. For this product, the company offers three different brands of taggers to choose from, which are Avery Dennison, TG Tacher, and Tack it Taggers. They all feature two different types of taggers, fine or standard. The standard tagging guns are suitable for regular to thicker materials like sweaters, jeans, and other everyday clothes, while the fine taggers are great for thinner or lighter materials. So, to buy any of the taggers, clients should consider visiting the company's website.

About American Retail Supply

American Retail Supply has been serving retailers with a large variety of wholesale products since 1970. In fact, they are one of the companies in the US with the absolute best client service.

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