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Sandra Murr

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Arab Women Now – Aspiring to Inspire
Arab women have been facing very tough circumstances in the past. Things are sure improving in some developed cities, but are still dubious in interior parts of the continent., 12/13/2012 - Arab women have been facing very tough circumstances in the past. Things are sure improving in some developed cities, but are still dubious in interior parts of the continent. At some places, women are still being treated as property of the men without any right to even think otherwise. Many national and international humane right organizations, NGOs and even governments have been actively participating in several parts here to improve this situation. The good news is that the efforts are coming up even from individuals and even smaller organizations too. Still better and more promising prospect is that young people from the community are coming ahead and contributing their share of responsibility in improving the pitiable situation of Arab women through innovative means. ArabWomenNow is a similar venture working to offer online platform to Arab women, and inspiring them for a brighter future.

"We are a group of young individuals from different sections of the society. We have realized our part of responsibility for the betterment of fellow community members, and found internet as the best medium to start with" says a member of the ArabWomenNow team. Internet is spreading its wings to almost every corner of the continent today. It is being accessed by almost everyone of any age. Many school students, young women, and even elderly member of the family are somehow associated with online activities, thus making it easy for the activists to reach them, and encourage them to experience change in their lives. "It certainly is not a easy job to intrude into the lives of Arab women who have been living behind so many social restrictions" says a team member, "but internet is helping us convey our message, and offer opportunity to individuals, where they are" she adds.

Of course it will take some time when such efforts can really see some impact in the society, but it is inevitable. Arab women are coming ahead in several fields today, ranging from education, business, profession, to politics too. Many of them are famous journalists today raising their voice against tyranny of the dominating gender, and to support the liberation of their fellow followers. "Change cannot be suppressed much longer now" says a senior team member of ArabWomenNow.

When asked how they are promoting the cause, the team members informed that they are running several different interactive sections on their website such as Women of Substance, Relationships, Spirit, Business Matters, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Food, Entertainment, Travel, and more, containing latest and useful information about the current developments in society, both national and international. Besides they are offering the visitors a chance to post their comments, or contribute their contents for publication, so that other can read and learn from them. "An active group of enthusiasts, and activists, of similar views, is developing online where these female members of the society are sharing their views, and discussing their prospects with participating professionals" informs a participating activist, "we are committed to the cause, and we can see the change taking shape now" she ends. For more information, please log onto

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