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Harold Davis

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Art meets Art: Fashion stylists choose photos of Harold Davis
Art meets Art: Fashion stylists in the Artspiration section of choose the work of legendary photographer Harold Davis, 2/27/2012 - Art meets art, and fashion meets the world of photography as aspirational stylists use the work of legendary photographer Harold Davis to accompany and accesorize the latest hot fashion looks.

Four "looks" that use the photos of Harold Davis have been created on the aspirational style section of,

In explaining her style combination, Sheilad states, "I've really enjoyed browsing the photography of Harold Davis. I especially love his flower photos, but there was something about this one I really liked as well, so I decided to go with this one for my look."

Binky adds that the 'dress is just so perfect for my look inspired by Harold Davis' "Endless Stair" photograph.'

Harold Davis comments, "I am amused to see my work in this context. To some degree, all art is about fashion---so this makes sense!"

About ShopStyle has one of the most vibrant fashion communities on the web. Users are empowered to be fashion editors or interior designers, expressing their unique style by creating stylebooks and looks that can be shared and shopped on ShopStyle, on blogs or emailed to friends. ShopStyle's active groups provide inspiration on various topics and allow users of similar taste to shop, share and comment.

About Harold Davis: Legendary photographer and artist Harold Davis believes that advances in the technology and craft of digital photography have created an entirely new medium. Harold’s extraordinary imagery builds on the masterworks of the past while embracing revolutionary innovations in photography. His stunning prints can be collected now.

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