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Bookmark and Share has an Entire Section Dedicated to Manglik Dosh and its Powerful Remedies can be an ideal online platform for those on a lookout for detailed information related to Manglik Dosh and its effective remedies., 7/01/2020 - Dedicatedly spreading awareness about multifarious aspects of Indian and Vedic astrology, is an informative website launched years ago. It is the brainchild of Mr. Himanshu Shangari, a renowned Vedic astrologer and leading personality developer. He is passionate about both these fields and has been consistently doing intensive research on both subjects for many years. He features on a TV show ‘Karma Kundali Aur Jyotish,’ which has received a wonderful response on TV and YouTube. Mr. Shangari also is a great writer and has written around 46 books on various topics so far.

While offering insight into, the spokesperson in a recent interview commented, “ has been providing its readers with quality backed content related to a wide assortment of Vedic astrology concepts. Astro predictions and forecasts have been of great help and guidance for people since ancient times. Many people value such predictions today also, as they are a good means of getting rid of the problems coming their way. Through these forecasts, people can re-evaluate and redesign their mental makeup and deeds altogether. Putting his vast Astro knowledge to the best of use, Mr. Himanshu Shangari presents detailed information related to varying concepts and factors of astrology at” has plenty of information about both good concepts (Hamsa Yoga, Gaj Kesari Yoga and Budh Aditya Yoga) and bad concepts (Kaal Sarp Yog, Pitra Dosh and Sade Sati of Saturn) of Vedic astrology. As these both keep affecting an individual’s mind and body now and then, accurate information about them can help people to enhance the good effects and reduce the bad effects in their life. Additionally, lets people book consultations for availing detailed astrology and horoscope readings and various effective solutions like Manglik Dosh remedies.

The spokesperson added, “Being one of the most feared defects in Vedic astrology, Manglik Dosh is one of the most talked-about doshas. People even reject marriage alliances merely because of the presumed Manglik Dosh. However, astrology and its predictions should not be to scare but guide people. And we at do the same. There is an entire page dedicated to Manglik Dosh and its remedies at our website. People can read it and find out answers for their queries and concerns. If they can’t access the website, they can always book an appointment with Mr. Himanshu Shangari.”

It is quite convenient to book an appointment for consultation at and urgent appointments are generally delivered within 2 to 4 working days after receiving the payment. However, an appointment for regular consultation usually takes 10 to 15 working days after the payment has been received. Working hours on all working days, except for Sundays and national holidays, are 10 am to 8 pm Indian Standard Time.

About is a highly informative website that is doing a great job of spreading awareness about varying Vedic astrology concepts. The website was conceptualized and formed by a knowledgeable, experienced and honest astrologer in India, Mr. Himanshu Shangari.

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