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Auto Spares India Suggests the Car Buyers Should Buy
Most car buyers remain confused in regard to the car they should buy. Is buying a petrol variant beneficial or a diesel one – this is a significant question. BP Auto Spares India clears this dilemma through their expert suggestions., 4/27/2015 - Today, one of the most pertinent questions for a car buyer is – ‘Which car should one buy, petrol variant or a diesel one?’ There is a range of vehicles available today. It may get highly confusing for the buyer to choose among these. Finding a coupé within one’s budget is equally important.

At a recent Press Release, the CEO of BP Auto Spares India gave his suggestions on this issue. He mentioned that for some a petrol car is beneficial and for others the diesel ones would be good. There are many factors that need to be considered in this regard. Discussing these factors he said, “There is always a difference in the price of the car. A petrol coupé is always cheaper than the diesel version. You would find a difference of 1 to 1.5 lakhs between the two, for cars priced below 10 lakhs. The second main difference is in the fuel costs. Though, diesel is cheaper, but, after de-regularization of the diesel prices, the difference is not much. So a petrol car is a good bet too.”

Highlighting the third difference between these cars, he said, “One should choose the car based on the usage. If the usage is high, say about 1000 to 1500 kms in a month, then buying a diesel model is feasible. Another significant difference is the maintenance of these cars. Spare parts and overall maintenance costs are higher for diesel vehicles as compared to petrol ones. We deal in range of Mahindra spare parts and other vehicles. You may contact us for spares of both diesel and petrol cars. We have a ready stock of Mahindra Parts, including Mahindra truck parts, Mahindra Scorpio Parts, Mahindra Bolero Parts, and more.”

He calculated the difference in expenses of the two variants, and said, “Suppose you buy a diesel variant to save the 1 lakh on the initial cost of the car. But, if you do not use the car too frequently, then you would take almost 8 to 12 years to recover this 1 lakh. This makes no sense at all. A petrol automobile is a better option if the difference between the two models is above Rs 50,000 and if the car is being used for less that 1200 Kms in a month. So, we suggest that prospective buyers should consider all these factors and accordingly invest in the vehicle. Make your choice diligently!”

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