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Automated Livestock Management Made Simple with LSL Software
LSL is helping farmers across the country to embrace the new technological wave through its innovate apps and programs for farm and herd management., 12/28/2019 - The demand for livestock has increased dramatically over the last few decades. The global production is known to have quadrupled, owing to population growth and rising per capita income. Hence, the livestock sector must meet the growing demand while assuring consistent quality. It must also focus on sustainably achieving this without exceeding the resources or causing irreparable damage to the environment. So, it is not surprising that the livestock industry is turning towards automated farm management techniques for improving productivity.

LSL is one of the reliable companies to  get herd management App for achieving futuristic goals. The company’s software encourages smarter production, nutrition, increased animal welfare, and better farmer education. Their products close the existing gap between large yields and productivity and roll-out global best practices. Digitization from LSL makes this roll-out easier with the knowledge platform and transparent livestock trades. It also enables farmers to conduct animal health and welfare monitoring. Their software collects performance-related data that aids in improving animal health.

Speaking at a recent event, the Director of the company said, “LSL facilitates better data availability along with predictive analysis to enable real-time optimization of production assets on farms. This, in turn, allows for flexibility in production planning and control. Perhaps the most salient characteristic feature of our livestock management system is the ability of a farmer to tailor operations as per the need of the hour. Our digital solutions save time, demand less labour increases production, improves product quality, accuracy, efficiency, and safety.”

The LSL is approved and recognised by the Irish government, Food and Marine (DAFM), Department of Agriculture, and Animal Identification and Movement (AIM). The farm management software App from LSL is a free-to-use application that provides a comprehensive solution to the agriculture and livestock industry. It promotes efficacy in herd management and offers a range of practical features. Being suitable for all sizes of farms and herds, the software brings about significant cost-saving benefits.

The company is also a leading the technology revolution with the best auction software for livestock marts. Farmers can benefit from functionalities like online bidding, access to historical sales data, price trends, and cattle images when they access their mart accounts. It facilitates electronic record keeping and eliminates manual accounting errors. Farmers can now have updated front-office payments, invoicing, and back-office reporting at their fingertips. This feature-rich software connects marts to their clients with just a click of the button. Mart video streaming is also provided for creating transparency in the auction process.

About Livestock Live Software

The LSL was incepted owing to the growing challenges in the livestock industry. The company provides best-in-class software and Apps for livestock management. It has grown to become a one-stop destination for anyone looking for livestock auction software. Easy accessibility to information and services, along with service timeliness, has made LSL one of the top farm management solution providers in the country today.

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