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Award-Winning Author and Dog Lover Reaches Out to Children With Her New Book
Award-winning author and dog lover Kelly Preston is reaching out to children, 10/31/2013 - Award-winning author and dog lover Kelly Preston is reaching out to children with her new book, Mr. Spunky and His Friends.[URL][/URL]

Coming off the heels of Preston’s very successful book Real Dogs Don’t Whisper[URL][/URL] – which addresses life lessons she has learned from her special needs dogs and what they have learned from her – Mister Spunky is, like its predecessor, sure to be a huge hit.

“I took Real Dogs Don't Whisper's message about unconditional love, special needs, trust, and stopping abuse/bullying and placed it into a children's picture and activity book,” Preston commented.

The book is a tale of Mister Spunky on his way to the beach. Along the way, he meets three dogs that he stops and helps. One dog has been bullied and Mister Spunky offers his friendship. Another is unloved and Mister Spunky offers love and trust. The third is blind and Mister Spunky offers help. At the end of his journey, Mister Spunky develops three new friends, each adding value for each other, and they go to the beach together to have lots of fun.

Corridor Therapy Dogs is in partnership with Preston and Mr. Spunky and his Friends. In addition to working with all areas of pet therapy, Corridor Therapy Dogs. The organization has helped children improve their literacy by enabling them to read out loud to dogs during weekly volunteer sessions local schools as well as at local libraries.

“This is a popular and invaluable program for children who are struggling with their reading skills,” commented Janet Holtman, director of the Corridor Therapy Dogs program. “Therefore, we seek out dog related books that will entice our students to read. The books that relay important messages are a bonus!

“After discovering author Kelly Preston and her first book, Real Dogs Don't Whisper, I personally enjoyed reading the book and shared it with students at that time. All children, including those in special education and [those with] special needs, enjoy reading about Kelly's wonderful dogs. They learn about compassion and kindness from both books.

"Mister Spunky" is for a younger audience and is perfect for me to share with the elementary level children that I work with this year in several schools. The children read the book to my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Stella, at the schools and libraries. Occasionally for those who are too young to read or cannot read well yet, the teacher or I will read it to the entire class. The children truly enjoy this "feel good" story of Mister Spunky's kind gestures to others. Another thing the children love are the coloring pages that Kelly includes with her book. They enhance comprehension and improve coordination and the kids benefit so much from coloring the pages.”

Preston’s other book, Real Dogs Don’t Whisper, has received numerous awards, including a silver in the Readers Favorite Awards and a bronze in the Global Ebook Awards.

“It continues to be very gratifying, all these awards,” commented Jerry Pane, who edited both Real Dogs Don’t Whisper and Mr. Spunky and His Friends. “A lot of people are up for these awards, [creating] some very tough competition.”

About Mr. Spunky and His Friends: Mister Spunky and His Friends is a children’s book that tells the story of Mr. Spunky, who while on his way to the beach stops and offers his friendship to dogs in need. At the end of the journey, Mr. Spunky makes some new friends.

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