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Barnette's Remanufactured Engines - Why Oil Is Important For Your Engine!
Barnette's Remanufactured Engines - Why Oil Is Important For Your Engine!, 10/02/2015 - Engine oil provides three key functions in a modern internal combustion engine. First of all, it helps keep engine components working smoothly together. Secondly, the inside of an engine, a place where there are thousands of controlled detonations happening every minute, can be a hot place, and oil helps draw heat away from the combustion chamber. Lastly, it helps prevent carbon and varnishes from accumulating in the engine.

How Often Should I Change My Oil? Oil changes are often recommended when a certain mileage or time limit is reached. The most familiar interval is 3,000 miles or three months, but what's more important — the mileage or the time?

Experts say trust the odometer, not the calendar. Driving has far more of an impact on your engine oil; if a car is sitting, there is less need to replace the engine oil.

What if I Don't Change My Oil? In short, it's not pretty. One of the problems is that there will begin to be buildup in the cooler parts of the engine, like the crankcase and around the camshafts and valves. This can lead to carbon deposits, or sludge, coming out of the old oil. That could require an expensive engine cleaning or force you to replace worn-out piston rings. It can get worse. The pistons could eventually seize or the camshafts could be damaged.

Consider regular oil changes to be like really cheap insurance for your engine.

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