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Bartz Law Group, APC
Bartz Law Group
5151 California Ave., Suite 100 Irvine, California

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Bartz Law Group Offers Exceptional Legal Advice and Representation on Employment Law
Bartz Law Group is a law firm that knows the ins and outs of employment law litigation, from settlement negotiations to arbitration agreements to jury trials., 4/21/2022 - Irvine, CA – April 16, 2022 – Bartz Law Group is a law firm that was founded by Aaron Bartz, an accomplished employment attorney. He represents clients in class actions and single-plaintiff matters involving employment-related matters. Also, he represents clients in consumer class actions involving unfair competition, the legal Remedies Act, False Advertising Law, and more. Typically, the law firm represents clients throughout the state of California, from San Diego to Riverside and Los Angeles, to Sacramento, San Francisco, and Oakland. They are experienced with California and federal employment laws.

Answering an inquiry, the company spokesperson said, "Typically, employees are provided with a wide scope of protections under California's employment and labor laws, including wage and hour laws, which typically apply only to workers classified as non-exempt. Those who are exempt do have the same legal right to the wage and hour legal protections. Although the benefits of being a non-exempt employee are usually clear, it can often be confusing for workers to know whether they are non-exempt or not."

The  labor law for employee rights in California USA  provides remedies to employees whose rights have been violated by their employers. Thus, for an employee, it is vital that they have a firm understanding of employment law and how it affects and protects them. Without the guidance of a California employment attorney, it is too easy to make crucial errors that cost them greatly. At Bartz Law Group, they know this field inside and out. They offer top-quality legal advice and representation on employment-related matters to their clients. They assist them in all practice areas of California labor law, including wage & hour law, wrongful termination law, employment discrimination, workplace harassment, family, and medical leave laws, and more.

The company spokesperson added, "For instance, many employees who are paid a salary believe that they are automatically exempt. This is not true. To be exempt, a worker must meet certain requirements under California's Wage Orders. If they do not meet these requirements, an employee is entitled to overtime, meal and rest breaks, and other protections under the law. For more information, clients can contact us."

As one of the region's foremost leaders in employment law, Bartz Law Group is always prepared to handle cases against even the largest companies and firms. They will thoroughly litigate each matter, seeking compensation their clients are entitled to for harassment, discrimination, termination, and more. If a client has co-workers who have also experienced a similar legal violation, the law firm is also ready to litigate on a class basis. In some situations, bringing a case on a class basis is the most effective way to bring about a meaningful and lasting change in the workplace. So, for those wondering where to  hire employment law firms in California , the law firm is the best place to go. Call their office today and schedule a free consultation on their legal issues.

About Bartz Law Group

Bartz Law Group is a law firm that knows the ins and outs of employment law litigation, from settlement negotiations to arbitration agreements to jury trials. The law firm is located in southern California. They only fight for employees' rights, not the other way round.

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