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BuilderStorm Providing Upgraded Online Platform to Maximize Construction Leads
The newly upgraded online platform is a great way to maximise construction leads by optimising operations efficiency., 9/05/2016 - Brighton, UK – In the world of construction, leads in themselves do not mean much unless they are converted. Moreover, the conversion percentage can be quite low. With BuilderStorm construction management software, however, that is going to change. Mr James Sandwick, co-founder of BuilderStorm, explains how.

"Winning a construction project can depend on many factors", he says. "You are competing against a number of companies, and you need to set yourself apart. This is where BuilderStorm comes in handy."

Here are some of the ways in which BuilderStorm can help maximise construction leads, according to Mr Sandwick.

Building up your reputation in the market: Reputation may not be everything in the building industry, but it does play a huge role, says Mr Sandwick. "If your company has projects that are delayed, or cost too much, word gets out. No one wants to touch you."

So how does BuilderStorm's upgraded online platform help in building up your company's reputation?

"BuilderStorm is a software designed to streamline all operations in the construction industry", explains Mr Sandwick. "With BuilderStorm, you can automate processes, use built-in features, communicate with your team, and centralise your entire project online."

This leads to a more efficient functioning, with fewer delays and better financial planning. "If you are a company that gets projects completed on time and within budget, you get a name in the industry. Obviously, anyone looking at your track record will have no qualms about giving you the project", claims Mr Sandwick.

"If you have a client who is happy with your company's performance, he will not only give his future projects to you but also recommend you", says Mr Sandwick.

"With BuilderStorm, it is nearly impossible not to have a satisfied client. In addition to the increased efficiency, you can also include the client in your saved project", he elaborates.

"This way, you can send regular updates and site photographs via the inbuilt mail service. The client is involved throughout the work in progress, and any changes he wants can be implemented almost instantly. It's a win-win for everyone, really", says Mr Sandwick.

BIM compliance: This one is the most important reason for all UK based construction companies. The UK government has rolled out a multi-phased plan for the construction industry. The adoption of the Business Information Modelling (BIM) principles will become a must if a company wants government projects.

"We at BuilderStorm are aware of the need for companies to start working towards BIM compliance", says Mr Sandwick. "The good news is that, just by using BuilderStorm, your company is already on its way to compliance."

The software is based on the BIM principles and is an excellent way of seamlessly complying with government regulations.

"Just the fact that you are in fact compliant with the BIM regulations makes you eligible for government building projects. Now combine that with your reputation in the market for reliability and client satisfaction and you have an excellent combination", asserts Mr Sandwick.

Having BuilderStorm manage the construction projects of a company is not just a step towards modernising the company's operations. It provides real-world benefits in the form of leads conversions. As Mr Sandwick says, becoming more efficient in operations and gaining a reputation for it in the market is a win-win situation for any company.

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