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Tol Bayo

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Busuyi Guitar Vows to Help Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral
The CEO of Busuyi Guitar LLC has vowed to join the likes of Francois-Henri Pinault and Bernard Arnault to help rebuild the Notre-Dame Cathedral, 4/17/2019 - Lawrenceville - USPTO inventor of the double sided guitar (Dr. Oluwabusuyi), former contender on Wal-Mart’s Get on The Shelf program, and CEO of Busuyi Guitar LLC has vowed to join the ranks of Bernard Arnault (Chair and CEO of Dior, Moet, & Chandon) and Francois-Henri Pinault (Chair and CEO of Gucci and Saint Laurent) in helping to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire on Tuesday. In delivering the first installment to the Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris charity on Tuesday Dr. Oluwabusuyi encouraged fellow inventors to chip in their widow’s mite to help rebuild this famous cathedral visited by over 13 million tourists every year from different parts of the world.

Busuyi Guitars are the only guitars in the world that allow guitarists to play two different types of guitars during a performance without switching guitars and without adding the extra bulkiness of multi-neck guitars.

Innovation is not the only strength of these guitars said one customer. It’s the total value; when you see the price you think you are buying a cheap guitar but when the guitar is delivered you wonder how they are able to sell them at such a price. Robert J. Verone (2018, review page) said the 12/6 string he now own gets a lot of attention at gigs. He claims the guitar occupies the space of a dreadnought but with 2 complete necks. Michael Simms (, 2017) said I have owned one of these for a couple of months now, It’s much nicer than the Ovation double neck I had years ago” he paid less than half the price of Ovation for his unit. Rich, P64, & NP126 are the latest addition to the Busuyi Guitar line.

Busuyi Rich is the custom built, fanned fret, short scale, 4 string Bass guitar/ 6 string fanned fret lead guitar combined guitar with a custom built Hard Case.

The Very Popular NP126 features a 12 string acoustic electric guitar on one side and a 6 string acoustic on the other side with dual input and dual controls.

P46 is the darling of bass guitar players. It features a 4 string standard acoustic electric bass on one side and a 6 string acoustic electric on the second side. The P46 also features dual input and dual EQs, one for each side.

All models are available @

For more information please contact Dr. Isola at

About Us: Busuyi Guitar LLC manufactures the world acclaimed Busuyi Guitars.

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