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Buying Guide For Solar Panels In Sydney
With the soaring energy bills around the country, people have started to search for solar power company in Australia to get solar panel installation done in their homes., 4/01/2015 - With the soaring energy bills around the country, people have started to search for solar power company in Australia to get solar panel installation done in their homes. Many homeowners in this part of the world are looking for greener energy that can insulate them from the increasing power bills. So, if you are planning for the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system in your roof, what should you be aware of? Let us find here:

How does such a system work?

The flat solar modules that will be installed in the roof top of your home can convert the energy from sunlight into direct (DC) current. The system will have a device called as inverter and this device will be responsible for converting the DC into AC power, such that it can be used for powering the household appliances. A residential solar system in NSW that is connected to a grid can feed excess power into the electricity network. However, in the case of stand-alone units, they need batteries for storing the excess energy produced.

Experts state that solar panels in Sydney can work well when they are installed facing north side and pointed directly to the Sun at an optical angle and there is no blockage or shade caused by trees or other substances. The effectiveness of panels also depend on the weather conditions as well.

Does the system meet the standard?

When you are getting in touch with a solar power company in Australia, it is important to enquire whether the systems they deal with meet the Australian and international standards. To get government subsidies for installation of these units, you should get small-scale technology certificates and the panels that you are planning to install also must hold the certification. So, it is better to check with the company in this regard before placing your order with them.

How much panel capacity is needed?

Before installing solar panels in Sydney, it is better to get an understanding about the power requirement of your home. Remember that you cannot make money when you feed electricity back into the grid. So, you should focus towards maximizing the use of the power produced by the system to bring down your export to the grid. To understand your home requirement, you should calculate the amount of electricity that is being used in your home during daytimes as your panel will produced more electricity during these hours. You can collect details in this regard from your previous energy bills.

Once you identify the requirement, get in touch with a professional company, who deals with residential solar system in NSW and enjoy the benefits thereof.


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