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Cabinet City
Cabinet City
5132 Walnut Grove Ave San Gabriel, CA 91776

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Cabinet City Markets Best Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets at Wholesale Prices
Cabinet City is a wholesale cabinets store which manufactures and sells quality RTA cabinets., 10/04/2017 - Cabinet City is a leading family business that sells high-quality RTA cabinets for homeowners, builders, and contractors. The enterprise has plenty cabinet options for customers to make a choice. Clients are guaranteed to find a look and style suitable for their needs and which they will love. All Cabinet City cares about is its customer’s kitchen. The business aims to provide its clients with exceptional and sturdy cabinets of the best quality which will exceed its competitors.

Mr. Huang the founder, during the launch of a new product line said, “When purchasing a new cabinet, you have to decide whether you want RTA cabinets, custom or semi-custom. It is because there are many reasons to settle on any of the three options, but most of the time we advise RTA cabinets because they are the best choice. The Ready-To-Assemble or RTA still makes it possible for one to design their kitchen with lots of alternatives and a variety of cabinet sizes for various functions. RTA cabinets are built in bulk and kept in our warehouses. It means the RTA cabinets have a far lower price than customized ones and the client can pick them as soon as they buy them.”

Looking for best solid wood kitchen cabinets, be sure to find them at Cabinet City. The cabinets are used to keep expensive crockery safe and other essentials in the kitchen. The modern RTA kitchen cabinets are incredibly appealing and stylish. The Ready-To-Assemble cabinets are affordable and easy to put together. They also come in a wide range, in different sizes, shapes, and designs. They make the kitchen look awesome and organized.

The Sales Manager added, “We have the best quality of RTA cabinets. The quality is as good as and even better than many custom made cabinets. We have plenty of options. For all quality cabinets customers will find at Cabinet City, they pay a fraction of the price that customized cabinets would cost. We price our cabinets better than most of our RTA competitors who manufacture inferior products to our own. Aside from quality, we store our cabinets right here in the warehouses, so there is no 6 to 12 weeks shipping period for the purchased cabinets. At Cabinet City, we have all the qualities of a production triangle; quality, time and affordability.”

Cabinet City Kitchen and Bath sell its products to homeowners, contractors, and investors. It takes care of all the three categories of clients. For those homeowners thinking of remodeling their bathroom or kitchen, Cabinet City should be your first stop shop. Professionals from the company work with its customers and help them choose their new cabinets or countertops, and also help design the layout of the new kitchen. The organization may also provide installation if need be.The enterprise has over 20,000 cabinets in its showroom, and it can have the orders ready for delivery in as little time as 20 minutes.The company offers competitively reduced prices on multi-unit projects and ensures that the products are delivered fast.

About Cabinet City

Cabinet City is a wholesale cabinets store which manufactures and sells quality RTA cabinets. Founded by Mr. Huang and his wife Lisa Cabinet City is a family business which offers its clients beautiful, sturdy cabinets whose quality exceeds its competitors. Cabinet City makes shopping the easiest and exciting experience.

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