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Can acting training help you in business, in social settings and high stakes environments?
Hollywood Acting Coach Trains Texas Students for All Occasions, 6/14/2016 - Houston, Texas – Movie and Television Actress, Coach and Producer Joanna Sanchez has committed to developing opportunities in Texas and is becoming an ambassador of sorts from Hollywood to Houston.

Her career has allowed her to work with famous actors like Robert Redford, Michelle Pfieffer, Danny Devito, Mel Gibson, Dustin Hoffman, and TV personality Mike Rowe. In fact, Erik Estrada (a good friend of hers and supporter) was her baby sitter prior to landing his starring role on “C.H.I.P.S.” Some of her appearances have been featured on “The League” FXX, MTVs “Awkward”, “ER”, “NYPD Blue” and “The Sarah Silverman Show”, to name a few.

She recently completed an Actors Immersion Tour in Houston working with a cast of 22 for a 4-day training that included a reception event at a local Fox and Hound that was attended by over 300 film industry participants, script coaching, media interviews, coffee reception, on-set and headshot photography, industry speakers, review of film dailies, and a real film production that ultimately finalized in a movie short training bonus entitled “The Acting Coach” that has been submitted to six top film festivals

The short was written by prolific screenwriter Norman Ray Fitts, Directed by Zulema Nall and television veteran Rebecca Allen, 1st Assistant Director/Editing.

All actors benefited with a comprehensive package that included set protocol, character development, hair, make-up and special effects, movie poster and DVD, credits, and more.

“I have embraced my Ambassadorship and my colleagues in Hollywood have continued to observe my work in Texas and are poised to bring big opportunities to the Houston market,” says Joanna. “We have recently reached out to the local business community who are interested in supporting our productions as economic development opportunities and our producer teams in Hollywood are giving serious thought to dovetailing with the Houston scene.”

Joanna’s approach to acting training is multi-faceted, taking into account the challenges of making “The Big Break” while using the training to advance her students’ “day job” opportunities as well.

“I have coached lawyers, law enforcement, business professionals and young actors to garner confidence in life,” says Ms. Sanchez, “Actors are fluid in society and everyone is an actor at some level, but being trained is a psychological advantage in that an actor can fit-in within all social circles if they allow themselves to explore and integrate within the various worlds that the entertainment industry provides.”

Her next training sessions are scheduled privately and small groups starting 6/25 and 6/26.

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