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Phillip Fleck

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Can Trusculpt treat my double chin? I went to Trusculpt Miami to find out!
They can cause tenderness and swelling on the injection site from the chemicals used to destroy the fat cells., 9/14/2021 - The COVID-19 crisis saw a lot of people gain a lot of unwanted weight. Well, it couldn’t be helped sometimes. Working from home, you are always near the fridge and can snack up at any time right? While all this seems convenient for your taste buds and stomach, it has led to an increase in weight.

While preparing to get a vaccine, one of the most troubling thing with my weight was my double chin. I was free to live with all the other changes in my body but the double chin was too much. In one way or the other, the double chin had to go. One of the problems most people have with double chin removal is side effects of the treatment. This means having to look for a professional anti-aging doctor with the experience required to help me without the fear of negative consequences.

In one way or the other, most of the weight gained during the COVID-19 settled on the lower third of my beautiful face. This gave me a double chin that I wasn’t comfortable with at all. The first time I noted a change on my face was when I decided to FaceTime a close friend and she was shocked how I was gaining weight. Suspecting you are losing weight is alright but that confirmation hit a nerve and the double chin had to go.

One of the most troubling things with double chin reduction is how long it takes. In the process, you have to lose a lot of weight in the other parts of your body. Another thing is, it might take so long and not lose all the fat the way you want. Getting your chin back to the right shape is amazing but losing weight alone won’t help you with that. That is why I had to do my due diligence on double chin fat removal in Miami. During my research, I came across a clinic located in Miami where they were successful in their double chin reduction efforts.

TruSculpt Miami Made It Happen

When dealing with double chin fat removal, one has to be very careful of the procedure they choose. One of them is cool sculpting. The process involves sucking off the fat from the chin which might sound cool but a bit risky. The suction effect on your skin may cause bruising or stretching of the skin. Imagine having a procedure where you will require another procedure to get rid of saggy skin on your face. Personally, nothing was getting me to choose coolscultping over TruSculpt. While cool sculpting may stretch or bruise, trusculpt lightens the skin.

The other option according to some of my friends was getting surgery. Though most of the people who do surgery are okay with it, am not. It doesn’t matter how much they tried convincing me this is a non-invasive surgery. I wasn’t ready to stay at home for weeks trying to recover from a cosmetic surgery, because let’s be frank, this is a cosmetic surgery. Even with the surgery, there are risks involved and it might not be 100% effective the first time. Imagine going back for another surgery after some time? That wasn’t me.

A family friend saw I was conscious about my face on a zoom call and gave me some suggestions. The first one she suggested was an injection. Ever since I was a kid, needles pricking my skin is a big NO. On the same the injections used to melt away chin fat during a double chin fat treatment can be risky. They can cause tenderness and swelling on the injection site from the chemicals used to destroy the fat cells. Irritation on the injection site was another problem. The double chin reduction efforts seemed too much but had to be done.

Before all this, I had heard of a top anti-aging doctor in Miami with more than 30 years’ experience in the field, Dr. Nina G. MD of Trusculpt Miami. My double chin

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