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Patrick Demsey

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Canadian Citizen Being Prosecuted Under Archaic Law for Allegedly Posting a Blog
KPMG - World's 4th Largest Accounting Firm is Driving Force Behind Push to Have Canadian Convicted, 6/25/2014 - A Canadian Businessman and former employee of Canada's largest credit union, HSBC (the world's 2nd largest bank), fundraiser for the Red Cross, Greenpeace, PBS, and the Anti-Defamation League, is being charged under a rarely used law, which is the last remaining common law exception in Canada, for allegedly posting a blog, stemming from a matter in which he is owed over $3 million (Case No. 26549).

The law that is being applied in this case is some 800 years old and the death penalty still technically applies, even though Canada abolished it in 1976, the year before the accused was born.

The courtroom in which the proceedings are taking place was built at a cost of $7.2 million, and is generally reserved for the most high profile trials. To read more about courtroom 20 visit:

According to the archaic law which is being used, Satinder Dhillon is to be tried by Judge alone, at taxpayer’s expense, and he does not have the option to have a jury of his peers, despite potentially facing time in jail and technically the death penalty.

According to one of the two RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officers that interrogated Dhillon after he was arrested and imprisoned, KPMG (the world’s 4th largest accounting firm) is on a mission to “silence” anyone who speaks about Canada’s longest running involuntary bankruptcy proceedings (Case No. 193466VA99). The officer also goes on to state that KPMG has a “serious amount of resources” and that “it’s quite obvious they’re after you”. Dhillon responds to being arrested, and learning what the officers are telling him by stating, “next they will put a bullet in my head, because there’s $800 million dollars involved”.

Because Dhillon is being tried under common law, which originated in the Middle Ages in England, and former colonies such as Canada and India also trace their legal heritage to the British Empire, Dhillon has retained, Mr. Mark Stephens from the United Kingdom, (Wikilieaks founder, Julian Assange's, former lawyer), and Mr. Jamshed Mistry, a member of the Canadian Bar Association and an accomplished international lawyer who has the 2nd most Judicial Appointments in the Mumbai High Court, to assist him.

At one point two of the best constitutional lawyers from Canada, Mr. Daniel Santoro and Mr. Nicolas Roleau assisted Dhillon as well. The latter having taught at the top law school in India. The subjects taught by Mr. Roleau included Political and Legal Philosophy, International Development, Rule of Law, Democracy and Comparative Constitutional Law.

When asked why he was mounting such opposition to a simple allegation of posting a blog, Dhillon stated in December of 2012 that, “The whole process has to be scrutinized and reviewed very carefully in its entirety in this situation, and the legal team that has been assembled will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice and the truth despite the threats that have been made against me”.

To read more about this historic case please visit:

For more background information please visit:

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