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Caramanna Friedberg
700 Bay St. Suite 405 Toronto, ON M5G 1Z6

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Caramanna, Friedberg LLP Provides Top Criminal Defence Lawyers in Toronto
Caramanna, Friedberg LLP, a reliable criminal defence law firm, provides highly talented criminal lawyers in Toronto., 8/23/2022 - By hiring competent and time-tested criminal attorneys, people facing criminal charges can stay confident of receiving favourable and satisfactory verdicts. Caramanna, Friedberg LLP is a criminal defence and regulatory offence law firm based in Toronto. The firm is recognized as a result-oriented firm committed to providing its clients exceptional results. Established in 2002 by Salvatore Caramanna and Matthew Friedberg, they are focused on offering efficient legal advice and representation. Their attorneys have a track record of success in different criminal cases, and they have earned an exceptional reputation in the areas where they serve. In Toronto, Ontario, they are known to provide comprehensive legal advice and passionate advocacy for various criminal offence cases. Their practice areas include arson, assault with a weapon, bail hearings, extradition, possession, production, robbery, tax prosecutions, importing, theft, license suspensions, dangerous operation, mischief, trafficking, careless driving, and break & enter.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of Caramanna, Friedberg LLP, commented, “There is a wide range of criminal defence and regulatory offence cases that we specialize in. Our lawyers are highly professional, committed, and well-informed. We put the needs of our clients first, and we never at any time promote ourselves on social media to the detriment of the people we have chosen to defend and protect their rights. Our solid commitment to clients is one of the reasons why we have today many loyal clients who reach out to us whenever they have a case.”

Through their team of talented lawyers, Caramanna, Friedberg LLP provides unmatched legal services in the industry where they serve. In criminal offence cases, clients can appeal the decision to a higher court for review. However, this is if such clients have the basis for such. They can appeal the conviction, the sentence they received, and even both. It is vital to note that there is a strict or stipulated period regarding how much time the accused person has to be able to file an appeal, and this is usually 30 days. At Caramanna, Friedberg LLP, their lawyers are always available to help with matters like this. Therefore, individuals facing criminal charges can meet with criminal lawyers in Toronto at the firm.

The spokesperson added, “Our lawyers provide one of the best legal services in the area. We always look for better ways to serve our clients, and this is why we are committed to improving our services regularly. In Toronto, we help with criminal cases such as criminal harassment. We understand that no one feels comfortable knowing that someone is always watching them repeatedly from a distance. This kind of behaviour often extends to one’s friends and family, where the same person texts, calls, or messages them repeatedly. In worse scenarios, the person shows up at their residence or place of work. You can trust our lawyers to bring an end to such by employing the most effective legal strategies.”

Caramanna Friedberg LLP’s lawyers focus on providing clients with exceptional outcomes. Thus, they ensure to work closely with them at all times.

About Caramanna, Friedberg LLP:

Caramanna, Friedberg LLP is a leading criminal defence law firm in Ontario. People who would like to call a Toronto criminal lawyer can reach out to the firm.

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