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Case Study: PermaRoof Commercial Collaboration on Scariff Court Roofing
Last year, our loyal customer Permacote Roofing & Guttering Contractor turned to us to assist with necessary roofing works for Scariff Court – a leasehold housing development based in New Malden, South London.

Scariff Court Roofing, 3/14/2022 - We were tasked with needing to upgrade the roof of Scariff Court to accommodate thermal installation with revitalised waterproofing. We supported Permacote Roofing & Guttering Contractor by establishing the roof suitability for integrating a new roofing system.

Furthermore, we were also challenged to overcome logistical site access issues. This was due to the lack of vehicle access space and the busy road location near the site, which would make getting products to and from Scariff Court a difficult task.

The solution

To ensure the project was suitable for the planned roof upgrade, we first undertook a full roof core test. Not only was this done to crucially establish suitability, but to ascertain the correct fixing methods and thermal upgrade for the project. Once completed, a roof condition report was compiled, including recommended product solutions, before the work could be agreed to safely commence.

The roof report pointed to the best solution, which was a full built-up flat roofing system of Firestone V-Gard air and vapour control layer (AVCL), and a PIR insulation board onto an original roof area. We, therefore, installed a 330m2 Firestone V-Gard AVCL, which was chosen due to its proven durability.

Furthermore, the correct vapour barrier was selected for the project, to minimise any long-term condensation or structural issues.

To overcome the site access and space issues, our team worked closely with Permacote Roofing & Guttering Contractor. Through this collaborative approach, both the material logistics and correct delivery options could be planned in advance of the project.

From start to finish, the project was completed within five days, which was on time and within the agreed budget.

The testimonial

Elton Day, director of Permacote Roofing & Guttering Contractor, said: “We have developed a great relationship with PermaRoof Commercial. The team’s dedication to our shared projects is evidence of their client support. Since beginning our work with them, we have grown to have a great rapport that enables the seamless progression of projects.

“We appreciate their attention to detail and their knowledge to overcome any challenges that may arise when work is being carried out. The PermaRoof Commercial team, including Paul Stapleton, and PermaRoof Technical are always responsive to any questions; they keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we try to achieve.”

Sunny Lotay, national commercial manager at PermaRoof, said: “Collaboration is key, and we are always delighted to work closely with our clients when completing all phases of a project. For us, safety, attention to detail, quality roofing product solutions, and customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

“This project at Scariff Court, with our valued client Permacote Roofing & Guttering Contractor, is a great example of how we like to work. It’s really important to undertake safety and product suitability assessments before beginning work on any roof, which is why core testing is vital. The finished result was a compliant, fit for purpose and extremely robust installation, which will provide longevity for the building owner and property occupants for many years to come.”

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