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Cellular Interception Market: Booming Communication Poses Challenge for Law Enforcement Agencies
The report presents a coherent analysis on the cellular interception market that is bolstered by quantitative and qualitative analysis., 5/17/2019 - With the global spectrum characterized by new forms of electronic communication, incorporating digital communication based on internet technologies that have gained immense popularity over the years—facets of law interception has changed. At the time when the internet provides a myriad of means to exchange messages and voice communications, the onus has come on companies to ameliorate and extend their network infrastructures to attune to the required framework for lawful interception. These aforementioned deep-dive analysis draw resemblance from the report titled, “Cellular Interception Market—Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018-2026,” which has been of late added to Market Research Hub’s (MRH) exhaustive repository. The explosion of communication technologies has posed overarching challenges for national security organizations and law enforcement agencies for combating forms of felons and terrorism. With the prevalence of communication alternatives and the ease with which illicit networks and amorphous terrorist outfits exchange information across channels; the impetus to track the operations of criminal groups and intercept illicit exchanges is compelling and strong. Accordingly, nothing supersedes the urge to stop felonies before they strike, and elicit outlaws to justice. In order to adhere to the ethical demands and privacy requirements at the center of lawful enforcement, cellular interception system can inhibit any activities involving illicit interception. GSM intercept has become the most sought after cellular interception. However, several studies have deduced a cynical assessment stating GSM is very insecure. The cryptographic algorithms—A3, A5 and A8—used in GSM have been broken. In order to shield user data, GSM has been employing a ciphering key. As the mobile station is verified, the RAND (random numbers) along with the subscriber’s authentication key is sent through the A8 ciphering key generating algorithms, to produce a ciphering key.

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Cellular Interception Market: Report Content

The report presents a coherent analysis on the cellular interception market that is bolstered by quantitative and qualitative analysis. In addition, the report delineates the happenings in the market which have bearing on the growth of the cellular interception market, comprising drivers, restraints, trends and opportunities.

The report also delineates executive summary, overview section, which are aimed at revealing a thorough analysis of the cellular interception market. Besides, the market overview section peruses into supply chain, cost structure and pricing analysis along with PESTLE analysis to present a thorough analysis on the cellular interception market.

The robust assessment of competitive landscape of the cellular interception market heavily banks on Porters’ Five Force Analysis. Furthermore, the Porters’ Five Force Analysis delves into the strategies of the pertinent players in the cellular interception market.

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