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Champslearning: The ultimate solution for the ultimate learning
6 July 2021 - Apart from the social life and career, education is the most important criteria for your child to make accomplishments in his or her life., 7/06/2021 - For a kid's education, learning might not be that complicated if compared to a university or college going student. However, it is considered as the most important stage to build their foundation and make them capable enough for further studies in the future.

As it goes without saying, "you can't create a good infrastructure on a weak foundation". And when it comes to your young one's education, it gets even more essential to build a good, capable and solid foundation. While this may sound you an easy-peasy task, but believe me, it's not what you think.

Apart from just talks, when it comes to actually build a good educational foundation for the pupils, only a handful of them achieves success.

Before you know how to make your child achieve academic excellence, take a look at how the educational system of the United Kingdom works.

Education in the UK

The education pattern in the countries like the United Kingdom is quite simple and easy to understand.

In general, the education system in the United Kingdom is further divided into four main stages. To name a few, the first stage is primary education, followed by secondary education and then further education. Last but not least, the fourth stage is higher education.

It is important to keep in mind that the kids in the United Kingdom have to by-law attend the first stage as well as the second stage of education (i.e. primary and secondary education) compulsory. So, the first two-stage is not optional for your child.

Stage 1: Generally, stage 1 will be carried at the primary school, as mentioned earlier. While your child completes the very first stage of schoolings, he or she will be then qualified for the next stage.

Stage 2: In common, most of the students will finish their primary school at the age of 11 or, in some cases even 12 after which, comes the second stage that will be most probably undertaken at the Secondary School and not primary.

Stage 3 and 4: Once a student gets their primary and secondary schooling (which is compulsory by law), they are now eligible for further education if they wish to. These two stages are on an optional basis, and if those who want to finish up with their schooling can jump on to the working world.

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