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Children Support
Children Support
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Children support initiates to support the poor children in Afghanistan
Children Support is a nonprofit children’s charity who helps poor children with all the basic needs of life., 8/07/2020 - August 07, 2020: By seeing the increasing tragic situations in Afghanistan, Children Support, one of the famous nonprofit charity organizations for children, initiates to support the poor children of the region. They heartily request all the people to donate from their utmost wills to support them in accomplishing this initiative.

While talking about this great initiative, one of the members of the organization said, “We have been working as a nonprofit children charities for many years. Although we have seen many critical issues in many parts of the region, the situation that happened in Afghanistan is far beyond any expectation. We can see people roaming here and there for the basic needs of life, especially food. The contaminated people are mostly from the poor sections as they can’t be at home and need to roam around in search of food to feed their little children at home. Moreover, their shelters can also be hardly called homes as there is no proper construction, security. The place where these poor people live in is also not at all cleaned, forget about the sanitization. Certainly, the risk of their contamination is more and so with the region’s overall COVID-19 situation. To support them and to make the situation of the region better amidst this pandemic, we are taking an initiative. We have planned to visit each house and disperse food and sanitizers to the families. We are also planning to start the sanitization process in different places.”

He also explained one of his recent stories and added, “The most tragic situation that I have faced recently is that I was on the way to my home when I met a kid of 11-12 years of age. He was roaming on the street asking for money as he didn’t eat anything from 2-3 days. He was looking so weak to stand properly, yet he was running on the street to get some money and to feed himself. When I called him and asked why he was here as he was not well enough, he answered that he needs some money to buy something to eat. I again asked about his parents, when he replied that his father is found COVID positive, so he and his mother were asked to remain at home. As his father was the sole earning member of his family, when he and his mother found negative, they are asked to withdraw their quarantine period. Now they don’t have anything to eat and thus m he and his mother is somehow managing the food. It was a critical moment for me. Although I bought some food for him and his mother, there are still many people who need help in this adverse situation. Then I decided to help them and give them shelter to stay. Hope people will come to help us to support these poor children and take them out of this situation.”

About Children Support

Children Support is a nonprofit children’s charity that helps poor children with all the basic needs of life. This time, they have taken the initiative to help the poor children from the remote areas of Afghanistan and thus, urging to get support from all the people.

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