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Tol Bayo

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Chinese Government Halts Production at a Factory Manufacturing Fake Busuyi Guitars
The Chinese government has ordered total production stoppage at the factory pirating Busuyi Guitars in China., 10/04/2017 - ATLANTA, GA — The Chinese government has ordered total production stoppage at the factory pirating Busuyi Guitars in China. The cheaply made copy is a complete ripoff of unsuspecting customers trying to find a bargain on the widely aclaimed guitar. The factory uses cheap wood and the construction quality is completely unacceptable but unsuspecting customers won’t know until they actually pay for the guitar.

The copy made by this factory is sold under the “Deviser” brandname. The bottom line is if it is not a Busuyi Guitar, you will not get the quality of a Busuyi Guitar and getting a refund could be totally impossible. Pictures below show the difference between the original and the cheap knock off.

The pirated copy is only acoustic while the original Busuyi Guitar is both Electric and Acoustic. But the difference does not stop there, sound quality on the copy is terrible. Even in the picture you can see that the quality of the wood used is completely different. Side view of the original Busuyi Guitar shows a body that is rich in details while the copy looks more like laminated material.

Once a while, a great invention comes along and many people will try to illegally profit from the popularity of the new product but to do so at the expense of unsuspecting consumers is totally despicable. For those that are fascinated by the design and quality of Busuyi Guitars, our advice is that you stick to the original so you can consistently receive the quality we are known for. Always buy from authorized dealers and if you are buying used make sure the Busuyi logo is on the product. And feel free to report copy products when you see them. It is time to stop illegal trades that are taking money and jobs away from Americans.

We appreciate your continuous support which allows us to continue to donate guitars to various music schools across the country.


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