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Caerphilly Funeral Services
Parc Avenue Funeral Home
CF83 3AZ

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Choosing Flowers - Different Flowers and Their Meanings
Caerphilly FS lists different flowers, commonly featured in floral arrangements and their different meanings, 5/16/2018 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Choosing Memorial Flowers – Different Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers are a key element of memorials. They help to remind us of beauty and life on a day when we are surrounded by the sadness of death and overwhelming grief. Memorial flowers can come in the form of wreaths, bouquets, garlands and other floral tributes. They can be personalised with messages or with the name of the remembered person. Flowers can be a beautiful distraction form the pain of the day or a comforting sign to mourners. When planning a send off, your funeral director will likely discuss your preferences for floral arrangements with you, so it is important to take the opportunity to think about whether your loved one would have liked flowers and if so what flowers should be included.

When choosing flowers for a memorial, you may have a clear idea of exactly the kinds of flowers your loved one would want, their favourite blooms. However, if you are less sure what flowers would be suitable for their memorial, the team at Caerphilly has put together a comprehensive list of different flowers and what they mean, helping you choose flowers that reflect the life and personality of the person you are remembering, making it a truly personal send-off.

Additionally, by choosing a flower that particularly represents your loved one, or one that they loved, every time you see that flower in future, you will be reminded of that person and they will continue to live on in fond memory.

Caerphilly FS is a locally owned, independent, award-winning undertaker based in Caerphilly, South Wales. For more information, visit their site.


Caerphilly Funeral Services lists different flowers, commonly featured in floral arrangements and their different meanings. Visit

for more information.

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