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Lora Smith

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ConnectLaw Provides Expert Counsel and Representation for Wills and Probate
The legal system is complicated and complex., 9/22/2022 - The legal system is complicated and complex. It’s also confusing for those that need assistance in any facet of the law. ConnectLaw provides legal services to help individuals that need expert advice and representation for multiple types of law issues. People before profits is a principle that the firm applies every day to make law accessible and affordable.

Services at ConnectLaw are provided in plain English by friendly and honest lawyers that respect the distress clients are experiencing. The firm provides legal services for purchasing property, business concerns, wills and powers of attorney, along with deceased estates, employment and debt recovery. The lawyers can help with inheritances, probate and estate planning. Individuals can also contact the firm if they’re not sure what area of law with which they need representation.

A probate lawyer Melbourne can help clients that have been charged with the enormous responsibility of being the executor of a will. Those that don’t feel they’re up to the task can apply to the court to name a different executor. The law experts have the expertise to help clients apply for survivorship or contest a will when necessary.

When someone dies, there are many things to consider. They may have bills to pay, substantial funds in the bank, or property and other assets that must be distributed. The next of kin can obtain Letters of Administration when no will is available and the firm provides legal representation for wills and probate Victoria.

ConnectLaw utilizes modern technology to facilitate client needs. The professionals provide representation at the probate office Melbourne and individuals can access the firm’s online videos for information about a number of topics.

Transparency is an important aspect of the work the professionals do and they present individuals with all their potential options, along with the most effective and efficient resolution for their specific situation. Clients are advised of their costs upfront and the firm always places people before profit.

About ConnectLaw

ConnectLaw provides efficient services and advice for everyday legal issues. Community and integrity are at the heart of all we do. Our utilization of state-of-the-art online technology means that we can service you no matter where you are. You can connect with us via the internet or see us in person. ConnectLaw makes law easy, accessible and affordable. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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