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Coolangatta Medical Center
Coolangatta Medical
(07) 5599 1400
91 Griffith Street, Coolangatta, QLD

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Coolangatta is Offering Bulk Billing for GP in Gold Coast
Coolangatta Medical Center is a well-established medical practice located in Queensland., 9/28/2020 - Coolangatta Medical Centre is a modern and comprehensive General Practice, providing a variety of services to all age groups. The medical clinic takes pride in a commitment to community health and happiness as a whole. Their certified doctors are experienced in different areas to assist our patients with specific healthcare requirements, such as Women's Health, Men's Health, Travel Medicine, Immunizations, Diabetes Management, Antenatal care, Asthma Management, Children's Health. They participate in regular continuing education to keep updated with the latest medical information and treatments.

“Patients should visit our clinic and receive a thorough check performed by our skin-check doctors in Tweed QLD. Our team works together towards the prevention, early detection, and treatment of skin cancer in Coolangatta Queensland,” said the company spokesperson. "The risk of skin cancer is dependent on your previous sun or UV exposure, family or personal history of skin cancer, skin type, and general health. As it is unpredictable, it is recommended that you get your skin check done regularly."

Overseas travel is the ultimate adventure. With such easy access to countries and cultures worldwide, more and more people are seeking to enrich their lives and world views by traveling. Besides obtaining the requisite passport and visas, travelers must also be aware of the need to be immunized for diseases not prevalent on Australian shores. This may require a booster to childhood immunizations or a set course of vaccinations over time, so it is best to consult your GP as soon as you start to make travel plans.

"As we age, our health care needs change. Our bodies are slowing down and changing, and this means that the type and level of health care we require are different from those provided when we were younger. The doctors at Coolangatta Medical Centre understand and take the time to offer individuals with a great range of strategies to keep themselves moving and to protect their health," said the company spokesperson. "Whether it be easy exercises they can do at home, advice on eye or bone health, or medications to resolve blood pressure or cholesterol issues, the team at Coolangatta Medical Centre will ensure they are fully informed about their health and the things that they can do to stay healthy and live safely."

Coolangatta Medical Center is a one-stop-shop for patients' healthcare needs and specifications in the Tweet Heads region. The clinic has a passionate and dedicated team, including doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, pathologists, audiologists, and cardiologists. Coolangatta Medical Centre's specialty is their patients. They pride themselves on carrying out their commitment to the holistic health and happiness of their patients.

About Coolangatta Medical Center

Coolangatta Medical Center is a well-established medical practice located in Queensland. The doctors provide holistic care while embracing traditional family values and offer a comprehensive range of general medical services, with particular interests including women's health, skin cancer management, asthma, diabetes, Indigenous health, and travel medicine. Coolangatta Medical Centre offers the bulk billing GP Gold Coast services for all Pension Card Holders, DVA Card Holders, Concession Card Holders, and children aged 16 years and under.

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