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Ralph Bertrum

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CPSI has a new TurboTune Tool
Critical Path Software is pleased to announce the release of it’s newest Mainframe Software. Turbo CICS., 5/17/2014 - Critical Path Software is pleased to announce the release of it’s newest Mainframe Software. Turbo CICS. Turbo CICS analyzes and identifies improvements to CICS online response times and reduces R4HA and MLC. It is completely compatable with Striping and Record Level Sharing (RLS). The analysis is fast, non invasive and free of charge upfront to determine the impact of discoveries.

Critical Path Software is a Mainframe Cost Reduction and Performance improvement Consulting Company. CPSI is the creator of the TurboTune System, a very powerful Mainframe Performance Optimization and Cost Reduction data base and tools.

Critical Path Software Inc is a New York based, privately held, corporation founded in 1986 by Ralph Bertrum and Robert Burns Jr. It is located in Port Washington, LI, New York. Critical Path Software has been in business for 28 years and has performed over 2,000 data center analyses and cost saving projects throughout the world for clients and has analyzed hundreds of millions of files, Libraries, Programs, JCL and DASD storage. Critical Path Software Inc is an IBM Business Partner. Critical Path Software’s suite of cost saving products includes:

The CPSI Management Team:

Ralph E. Bertrum

1986 – 2014 Co-Founder and Principle of Critical Path Software: Inventor and Software Developer of The TURBO Suite of Analysis Tools and Expert Performance Tuning Database and Software System providing I/O Subsystem Performance Tuning Services and Analyses of over 2,000 Mainframe Computers World Wide. He is a former MVS, VSE, VM, CICS, and EDOS/VSE Systems Programmer, an IDMS, and IMS DBA.

BBA – Accounting – University of Connecticut – 1968

A Great many IBM classes in Programming, Systems, CICS, IMS, DB2, etc.

Robert Burns Jr.

1986 – 2014 Co-Founder and Principle of Critical Path Software. Mr. Burns’ current duties are as the marketing/sales manager of CPSI. Mr. Burns was a systems analyst and designer of on-line, real-time computer systems. His previous expertise was in the analysis and mathematical modeling of database systems. His experience includes (a) programming complex, interactive computer processes and (b) designing and modeling prototypes of real-world computer applications derived from mathematical models.


Two years Ph. D course work, Quantitative Analysis, Courant School of Mathematics, NYU.

M.A., Mathematics/Computer Science, St. Johns University.

B.A., Mathematics, Columbia University.

For more information on CPSI please visit our website at:

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