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dale brown

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Creative Work Needs Better Security Measures
People that are born with a natural talent such as poets, writers, painters and others, usually find their creative work at the aim of thieves, 7/25/2013 - Creativity is a gift of GOD, a person can be educated or learn skills, but, he cannot learn creativity from any teacher or institute. That is why there are many educated persons in the world, but, very few of them are naturally talented. These talented people often found at the places of their respective field. Some of the fields where GOD gifted talent is necessary to progress are poetry, creative writing, photography, painting and other such fields.

These creative people’s work is always on the stake in getting theft or stolen. People look for the ready-made stuff that can bring success to them, that is why these creative people are usually remaining aloof from others. How will a poet feel if one of his or her masterpiece gets stolen and publicized to the world by the name of some other person? Or a photographer sees his or her photos in the exhibition of some other guy of his or her field? Without any doubt, these acts hurt the original creator of the work of art. In the modern age of technology where all the tasks are performed on a computer and really has made them less time and effort consuming. But, this technology is not all the blessing, it has some major disadvantages, one of them is the data theft.

An artist’s creative piece of work can easily be stolen by any crook by just approaching the data and copying it on his or her data saving device. To avoid this kind of data theft, these resourceful people are advised to use software that can provide their work Copy Protection . Just imagine, if Shakespeare used a computer to write his famous plays such as Hamlet and it would have gone stolen, today may be the thief of the play would have been known as the genius writer. The artistic works are extremely precious, that is why it needs proper security measures.

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