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Chelsea Hackett

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Cura Clinic Now Makes Naturopathy Treatment Accessible in Perth, Australia
The Cura clinic, a naturopathy and herbal medicine treatment center in Claremont, Perth, is now providing a range of services to help people optimize their health., 7/08/2013 - The Cura [URL=]Perth Naturopath[/URL] clinic has announced it is offering a range of naturopathy treatments from its home in the Claremont Medical Center, formerly The Coronado Hotel. Only 15 minutes from the city center, the clinic is easy to get to. In addition, it employs qualified and experienced practitioners skilled in herbal and nutritional medicine.

Ready to help people of all ages, this [URL=]Naturopath in Perth[/URL] provides naturopathy services plus nutrition support and herbal medicine based treatment. The facility is also equipped to perform food allergy and heavy metal testing, while functional pathology tests are also available. People can also seek out genetic testing and even simple diet and lifestyle advice to optimize their well-being.

All types of health conditions can be treated at the Cura clinic. Special interest in areas such as autism, fertility support, cancer treatment, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal diseases, and more provide patients with the support needed to boost their overall health. While using expertise in naturopathic and herbal medicine, the facility is no stranger to traditional medicine, providing holistic healthcare to all who walk through the door.

The Cura clinic has put exhaustive effort into raising public and personal awareness of health. In addition to the long list of services provided at the facility, it provides numerous resources online. These include a blog, integrated with its website, plus various reading resources listed online as well, covering popular topics such as fertility, nutrition, depression, and more. Company newsletters are also available to download and read.

To read more about the Cura clinic, its range of services, and insightful reading on various health topics, go to [URL=]Nutritionist Perth[/URL] .

About the Cura clinic

The Cura clinic, located in the Claremont Medical center in Perth, provides a range of specialty healthcare services including naturopathy and herbal medicine. Just minutes from the city center, the clinic addresses chronic and acute conditions in people of all ages. Services include naturopathy, nutrition support, food allergy testing, pathology testing, diet and lifestyle advice, genetic testing, naturopathic fertility support, gastrointestinal treatment, and more. If you need [URL=]Perth IVF support[/URL] , call them today

Contact info:

Shannon Burford

Perth, AU

Phone (08) 9284 4644


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