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Dhi India
DHI India
A-2/25 Safdarjung Enclave

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DHI India Offers a Unique Treatment Technique for Hair Transplants
DHI India is a chain of clinics that has dedicated itself to a single goal of innovating and delivering the best solutions in hair restoration to hair loss people., 4/26/2022 - DHI Medical Group is a chain of clinics that leads innovation in the hair transplant industry in India and across the globe. They have treated many hairs loss suffering patients over the past 50 years they have been in business. Only certified surgeons perform all surgeries at the clinic, and no assistant touches the patient during surgery, and this guarantees 100 percent natural results with a 97 percent graft survival rate. The clinic undertakes treatment for clients by first diagnosing their affected area, understanding their requirements, deciding the approximate number of follicles required to give a natural look, and then creating a treatment plan. All their treatment are completely safe.

The company spokesperson said, "When planning to get a hair transplant, many questions go into one's mind. Who is the best hair transplant doctor? Which is the best hair transplant clinic? How to choose the best hair transplant surgeon to get the best results? So, here are a few things to consider while making a selection: qualification of the surgeon, in this case, be a certified dermatologist with appropriate experience in this hair transplant field; the experience of the surgeon depends on how many surgeries they have performed and not just when they opened their clinic; before and after images of the past patients; patient's reviews and more."

Looking for the best hair transplant clinics in India? DHI India is one of the top hair transplant chain clinics in the country. With over 250,000 happy patients, the clinic is the best place to go. The clinic is unique in itself as it has its advanced technique for restoring human hair, that is, the DHITM Direct Hair Implantation technique of Hair transplants. It is the most advanced hair transplantation technique. In this technique, hair follicles are removed from the donor area one after one using an extractor. The hair is then placed using a single-use implanter directly on the bald area.

The company spokesperson added, "Individuals should also consider the clinic's safety and hygiene protocols and the technique they use. All the clinics are certified both by the UK’s Care Quality Commission as well as ISO. It is important to note that trained hair transplant doctors decide how natural the hair transplant results will be. It would also be best to focus on the above points while selecting an experienced hair transplant surgeon for oneself. One can also choose DHI India master surgeons to make their work more accessible because they are knowledgeable, experienced, and certified at London hair restoration academy."

At DHI India, they use single-use patented advanced instruments for the procedures that allow them to control the angle, direction, and depth. The procedure is painless as the clinic undertakes it under local anesthesia. It only lasts an hour or two. And there is no downtime as clients can resume their daily routine the next day. In addition, every procedure is performed by master surgeons, trained and certified under the DHI’s Total Care System. They are all monitored to ensure that each one of them adheres to the protocols while undertaking the procedure. To find hair transplant clinics in India, clients should now consider contacting the clinic.

About DHI India

DHI India is a chain of clinics that has dedicated itself to a single goal of innovating and delivering the best solutions in hair restoration to hair loss people.

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