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Phillip Fleck

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Did you know Vigilante invented the media tour back in 2015???
follow him on Snapchat and Twitter @VigilanteLom to keep up., 1/29/2023 - Body: Back in 2015 Vigilante saw that podcast were about to take over the media scene so he went from show to show year around. Promoting his movies, tv shows, business deals and other things he refined the way the industry promoted. Till this very day in 2023 the same media tour that he invented has been updated but the credit has not been given to him. He is now up to 300 media interviews and will be going into the book of world records for it.

Ending: As Vigilante becomes wealthier he has big plans so tune into Vigilante’s Instagram account @Vigilantelom for inspiration and to keep up with everything in his career. Also, follow him on Snapchat and Twitter @VigilanteLom to keep up with how you can contribute to his community acts. If you want to catch up on all of Vigilante’s music, interviews, promotional visuals for his upcoming movies, and advice on how to make it in the industry on his YouTube at

Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @VigilanteLOM

YouTube: Vigilante Visuals

VEVO: VigilanteVEVO


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