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Dony Garment Company
Henry Pham
142/4 Bau cat 2, 12 Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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Distribution 3-Ply Antibacterial Cloth Face Mask Cover for B2B International Supplier from Dony
DONY launches Antibacterial Cloth Face Mask has C.E, FDA, TUV Reach certification - aims to expand its distribution to Europe, Australia, and the Americas., 11/28/2021 - DONY launches Antibacterial Cloth Face Mask has C.E, FDA, TUV Reach certification - aims to expand its distribution to Europe, Australia, and the Americas. DONY Garment Company, a Vietnam based garment company, has announced its new 3 Ply Antibacterial Cloth Mask for COVID 19 protection and is ready for worldwide distribution.

The CEO of DONY Garment Company, Henry Pham, said, “After the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Mr. Henry and his team have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers from countries outside China to purchase goods, including protective face mask and clothing. Therefore, as a garment company, we found a great opportunity to make cloth face masks as the word demand is increasing.”

Mr. Henry and his team have researched the face mask models and the materials that will be accepted in the U.S. and European markets. He found that the 3-ply antibacterial face mask is ideal to wear and fashionable during COVID 19 pandemic. Since then, he started to produce 3 ply antibacterial face masks to be exported outside Vietnam, including America, Europe, Australia, and Asia market.

“We did a search on Alibaba for cloth masks for a non-china product and we were impressed with the Dony Mask.

I like Dony because they communicate and deliver the product on time, the type of pandemic will not leave soon and people need to live with this situation.

Vietnam companies have great potential because of China and US relationships in trade and tariffs and not as stable. This is a good reason, traders will look for alternative skill labor force like in Vietnam.” - Al Evan – CEO - Security Pro USA

DONY Mask product is ideal and fashionable to wear during COVID 19 pandemic. The face mask has passed international standard certification, including FDA, ISO 9001:2005, C.E. Certificate, TUV Reach, DGA certification, and many more. It has 3 ply layers; each layer has different protection against dangerous pollutants as well as viral infection.

The first layer, or the outer layer, is made from water-resistant and strong nano fabric material. The middle layer or second layer is able to filter dust or dangerous pollutants. And the third layer, or the inner layer, has 99% antibacterial material as a protection from bacteria and viruses. In addition to virus protection.

Mr. Henry Pham, the DONY Garment Company CEO, explained, “All of Dony Mask products are sterilized by E.O. gas before reaching consumers, to ensure that the mask products are free from viruses and bacteria.” E.O. gas (Ethylene oxide gas) is used as a sterilant for medical equipment and supplies. It destroys bacteria & viruses.

DONY Garment Company is an experienced company that produces eco-friendly Antibacterial Cloth Mask products and has been used worldwide. DONY Garment Company has delivered its Antibacterial Cloth Face Mask products to various counties in the world. They include the USA, France, KSA, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jodan, South Africa, Austria, Norway, Romania, Portugal, and many more.

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