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Donsense 3D
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Donsense 3D 11/F Front Block, Hang Lok BLDG, 130 Wing Lok ST.

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DONSENSE 3D Introducing Large Format Lenticular Poster Printing Solution for Marketers & Advertisers
DONSENSE 3D is adding to its lenticular printing solutions with large-format 3D printing that creates magic in posters and marketing materials used to engage viewers like never before., 10/18/2022 - From lenticular calendars and stickers to lenticular iPhone cases, DONSENSE 3D creates a variety of high-standard animated visual products. These products offer widely influential power to the messages that individual or business clients want to deliver to their viewers or customers. The service provider delivers innovative and appealing, customized print advertising solutions to every client. Lenticular printing is a special process that helps create the illusion of motion and a three-dimensional appearance out of a two-dimensional graphic.

The spokesperson further stated, “Large-format 3D printing helps to come up with larger-than-life prints that can leave every onlooker truly amazed. Viewers will desire to stop by and take a closer look at such posters to appreciate their design and concept. The incredibly deep 3D and dramatic motion effects offer maximum impact. Thus, large-format lenticular posters are great for the marketing and advertising campaigns of businesses. We provide several printing effects to these posters, including Zoom, 3D, Animation, and 2 or 3 Image Flip.”

DONSENSE 3D lets its clients choose from the printing effects available for large posters. The service provider also offers exemAt the latest meeting of industry professionals, the spokesperson of DONSENSE 3D revealed, “Our lenticular products have the power to attract and hold attention, to get a brand name noticed, and to leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Since our establishment in the year 2005, we have been serving amazing products, such as 3D lenticular postcards, book covers, DVD and Blue Ray inserts, fridge magnets, clothing, and more, to our clients. Recently, we have also added the large-format lenticular posters to our range of offerings.”

As part of its large lenticular printing solutions format, DONSENSE 3D is equipped to produce single panels as large as 48” x 96”. Thus, its printing technicians and designers can create anything, from an impressive large-format 3D movie poster to an eye-catchy billboard. Lenticular printing can add dimension to images that are normally static and flat. By covering the images with plastic sheets of tiny lenses, the printers allow the eye to view alternating sections of multiple images simultaneously. This creates a superb optical illusion.

plary options like Reflective and Backlit to choose from. These effects and lighting options need to blend with their marketing strategy perfectly. The service provider makes sure to pay attention to all other critical printing aspects, ranging from spot colour to resolution. DONSENSE 3D can help its clients with spectacular prints for applications like retail displays, trade show displays, bus shelters, luggage tags, and murals.


DONSENSE 3D is a specialist in lenticular printing solutions. Whether people need the lenticular stickers printing service or businesses require lenticular 3D business cards, DONSENSE 3D can offer it all to them. The service provider caters to its clients across many foreign markets, including the UK, the US, and the Middle East. DONSENSE 3D always stays technologically advanced, while it makes use of UV 5 colour printers, RD design software, eco-friendly PET lenticular sheets, and Kodak CTP output equipment to produce high-quality lenticular prints.

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