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DONSENSE 3D Now Providing Its Lenticular Printing Solutions to Create the Most Interactive
DONSENSE 3D is extending its range of 3D lenticular printing solutions to include lenticular posters that are developed in various sizes for business marketing and advertising purposes., 5/13/2022 - Every day, there are hundreds of advertising messages knocking on each consumer’s head, trying to gain access to the part of their brain that decides to buy things. With several options, the advertisers are somehow managing to surprise the audiences and are stretching to extraordinary lengths to catch their attention. Lately, 3D lenticular poster printing has thrilled the marketing industry. These posters are widely loved and appreciated by the audiences. DONSENSE 3D makes available the same at affordable prices yet with premium-quality printing.

While speaking at a marketing conference, the spokesperson of DONSENSE 3D announced, “In addition to other lenticular products, we now offer innovative 3D posters whose printing adds volume to their message. Lenticular printing makes the posters vibrant compared to all the traditional displays. The idea of 3D posters printing is to use a plastic sheet with many lined lenses so that light will be refracted at different angles for our left and right eyes. When an image behind a lenticular sheet is designed in such a way that one image will be seen by the left eye and another image will be seen by the right eye, a 3D effect will be rendered by our brain.”

When added to conventional posters, the 3D lenticular prints make it easier to meet the demanding needs of the local market and customers. The 3D lenticular posters printing encourages the customers to engage and interact with the advert, thereby ensuring a much higher recall value as compared to any other print medium. Customer engagement is the epitome of modern-day marketing.

Further, the spokesperson asserted, “Our 3D lenticular posters can be created with varied effects, such as Animation, 3D, Flip, and Zoom. This makes sure that our clients can make the best use of this medium in line with their advertising strategy. It is high time business persons adopt this stupendous advertising medium and give wings to their marketing efforts, thanks to the multiple applications of the wondrous technique that 3D poster printing is.”

Right from the in-store advertising to the point-of-sale promotions, from the exhibition displays to the movie promotions, from the event announcements to the kiosk marketing, from the musical concerts to the political campaigns, outdoor 3D poster printing can help one do it all. DONSENSE 3D offers the most cost-effective deals for lenticular poster printing in China whether bulk or small orders. The service provider also caters to its valuable clients across several foreign markets, including the U.S., the U.K., and the Middle East.


DONSENSE 3D is a popular service provider in the domain of 3D lenticular printing. Lenticular printing is a technology to portray morphing, vivid movement illusion, and 3D onto a 2D printing surface. The service provider’s 3D lenticular printing service is available for a wide range of products, such as postcards, stickers, book covers, DVD inserts, fridge magnets, and clothing. DONSENSE 3D follows the top standards and guidelines to create very clear and impactful images with the 3D and animation effects its clients desire in their products.

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