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Donsense 3D
Lenticular World
Donsense 3D 11/F Front Block, Hang Lok BLDG, 130 Wing Lok ST.

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DONSENSE 3D Offers Excellent Services for 3D Custom Lenticular Postcard Printing
DONSENSE 3D, a standard 3D custom lenticular printing platform, offers excellent custom lenticular postcard printing services to various professionals., 12/14/2021 - DONSENSE 3D is an excellence-driven printing company that provides advanced and custom print advertisement solutions that involve printing images on lenticular materials. The company offers a broad spectrum of lenticular printing services, including 3D lenticular posters, 3D lenticular postcards, 3D lenticular clothes printing, 3D lenticular sticker printing, lenticular DVD and blue ray inserts, 3D lenticular book cover printing, and more. With careful attention to detail and a dedication to providing clients’ projects on time, they ensure to deliver lenticular printing works within 18 days, and large format posters within 10 days. 


Answering a query, DONSENSE 3D’s spokesperson commented, “We are more than ready to be of help to you, as we have representatives that provide free consultation services to clients. By this, we can recommend reliable print solutions for various business needs. Our company was set up in 2005, and today, we are one of the top-ranking companies in the lenticular printing industry. At our office in Hong Kong, we provide our clients with innovative and attractive materials for their printing works. It is of priority in our establishment to improve on our methods, as we have two fundamental principles of success: the implementation of an advanced approach in our services and employing the most recent printing techniques”.


Through the use of 3D lenticular postcards, architects, as well as cosmetologists can show uniquely their expertise, as it allows having displayed before and after images, and also lots of other content. At DONSENSE 3D, they offer  3D custom lenticular postcards  printing services, which are industry-standard and of great quality. With lenticular postcards, couples can also make classic save-the-date cards, and other professionals can have their images or content displayed in a better or more effective way. In addition, DONSENSE 3D can provide these services through the use of highly advanced 3D postcard printing equipment that facilitates production with various effects, which include 3D, animation, zoom, and flip.


The spokesperson further added, “Postcards are attractive tools for creating invitations or to showcase businesses especially. 3D lenticular postcards stand out in this area above normal postcards, as lenticular postcard printing is an exceptional technique that is used in producing distinct 3D or animated images. This involves either using multiple layers of one image to create a 3D illustration or using multiple images to show an animation when the lenticular image is moved up and down or sideways”.


At DONSENSE 3D, customers are allowed to order for any quantity of large format lenticular prints such as 1x2m, and the minimum order quantity for small order prints is 250 pieces. Lenticular printing implements several effects, which include animation, 3D, flip, zoom, as well as mixed effects such as 3D+flip. Moreover, in the last 15 years, DONSENSE 3D has emerged as a supplying partner for lenticular printing factory clients in Europe, the United States of America, and the Middle East. 



DONSENSE 3D provides wide-ranging lenticular printing services with different effects. For marketing materials such as 3D posters, postcards, bookmarks, book covers, CD/DVD inserts, business cards, stickers, fridge magnets, fabric, among others, businesses can reach out to DONSENSE 3D for  custom lenticular printing  services.

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