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Donsense 3D
Lenticular World
Donsense 3D 11/F Front Block, Hang Lok BLDG, 130 Wing Lok ST.

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Donsense is a One-Stop Source for Quality and Custom 3D Lenticular Poster Printing
Donsense has expertise in creating 3D lenticular posters all worthy of catching attention and leaving lasting impressions on the target audience., 9/21/2022 - Donsense has experienced enormous success and popularity within a short time. The credit goes to its unwavering resolve to excel in the industry through dedication, quality, strategic planning, creativity, and sound business decisions. With an office located in Hong Kong, the company has been consistently serving lenticular printing industry consumers in the US, the Middle East and Europe with perfection and precision. Donsense once envisioned to be global, and today takes pride in having a diversified customer base and providing excellent and unique printing services across the world.

The spokesperson of Donsense while talking about lenticular printing services offered in an interview said, “Lenticular Printing essentially is an art converted to a technology, which uses lenses to create images with an illusion of depth. Numerous similar images are sliced into strips to achieve this depth and then interlaced uniquely. Because of the unique impact that this printing methodology creates, it has come to be known as 3D Motion Printing. We at Donsense are satisfied with being one of the leading Lenticular Printing Companies in China.”

Donsense, right from the start, has been a technologically advanced printing company that uses UV 5 colour printer, eco-friendly PET lenticular sheet, international advanced RD designing software, and Kodak CTP output equipment to produce high-quality lenticular prints for the advertisement needs of clients. Rather, it was the company’s everlasting commitment to present its customers with the newest and most innovative printing technologies that helped Donsense foray into the world of Lenticular Printing. For businesses looking for customized 3D lenticular printing solutions, such as 3D lenticular posters printing service, Donsense can be the best choice.

Shedding light on lenticular poster printing, the spokesperson further stated, “We see hundreds of advertisements every day but only a few of them manage to stimulate that part of our brain that decides to buy things. This simply means some adverts are more attractive than others. 3D lenticular printing is one of the technologies that make advertisements unique and hard to resist for the target audience. Our cutting-edge 3D poster printing technique transforms ordinary posters into messages that have more value, are bright and stand out beyond all other conventional displays.”

Lenticular posters encourage the audience to engage and interact with the advert, thereby ensuring a much higher recall value compared to any other print medium. Not surprisingly, it has emerged as the epitome of modern-day marketing. To know more about lenticular poster printing or to book a free consultation, one can get in touch with the expert Donsense team today.

About Donsense:

Donsense is renowned for providing exceptional print advertisement solutions, such as lenticular cover printing service. These marketing solutions have such an impact that they help clients to easily create a brand identity, be a cut above the rest and be their most successful version. To make the best use of lenticular printing technology in marketing, businesses and organizations can contact Donsense.

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