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Lisa Resnick

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Dr. Firuza Parikh Launches Advanced Reproductive Services with Affordable IVF Treatment Options
Jaslok hospital, spread across 8000 sqft, is sponsored by Dr. Firuza Parikh Famous IVF specialist at Jaslok hospital.

Dr. Firuza Parikh, 11/25/2021 - Dr. Firuza Parikh launches state of the artwork at Jaslok hospital.

Jaslok hospital, spread across 8000 sqft, is sponsored by Dr. Firuza Parikh Famous IVF specialist at Jaslok hospital, embryologists, and a world-class IVF lab with best-in-discipline infrastructure and system. Dr. Firuza Parikh has also initiative thru which couples will pay for fertility treatment in convenient monthly installments at zero% interest rates.

Dr. Firuza Parikh Famous IVF specialist at Jaslok hospital, said, “Our mission has continually been to make world class fertility treatment accessible to all while maintaining as preserving the very best moral standards. Dr. Firuza Parikh initiative is a step towards that route. We are also conducting in medical camps to help low-profits couples in reaching their dream of parenthood.

Dr. Firuza Parikh Famous IVF specialist at Jaslok hospital gives you comprehensive, patient-targeted fertility care. Our team—along with board-certified reproductive endocrinologists and infertility professionals, nurses, and lab experts—focuses entirely at the need of people managing fertility-related issues, questions, or issues. The pregnancy rates we obtain the use of conventional fertility-enhancing treatment including IVF are just one degree of our success. Dr. Firuza Parikh is also global leaders in egg freezing, having achieved more than 3,000 freezing and three hundred thawing strategies up to now, ensuing in more than 200 live births.

Dr. Firuza Parikh famous IVF specialist at Jaslok hospital pioneered the technologies used for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (pgd) and preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), testing that decreases the risk of miscarriage. She helps people that are being dealt with for cancer and cancer survivors to maintain their fertility wherein feasible and offer get accessible to treatment alternatives together with gestational carriers and donor eggs and sperm.

Dr. Firuza Parikh is devoted to developing modern approaches to achieving pregnancy and keeping fertility and welcome a various group of sufferers, including those in the LGBTQ+ community. Irrespective of wherein you're on the journey toward building a own family, the medical doctors and staff helps you to understand your dreams.

According to the latest SRS statistical document (2018), India’s usual preferred fertility cost has reduced by using 19.8% within the last decade. According to WHO, one out of each four couples has experienced difficulties in conceiving. As per the recent trend information, India has emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing hubs for assisted reproduction treatments.

Dr. Firuza Parikh , all efforts are made to presents the most superior treatment choice available within the discipline of male and female infertility with high IVF success rates. Along with in vitro fertilization procedures, the center gives a complete variety of assisted reproductive solutions, which include ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection), fertility protection offerings, IUI, andrology, fresh embryo transfer, frozen embryo transfer, TESA, PESA, endoscopy procedures like hysteroscopy & laparoscopy, growth scans, antenatal control, and maternity care.

Dr. Firuza Parikh

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